5 Tips to Automate Your Visitor Management System

Are you thinking of automating your visitor management system but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered.

Automating your front desk with a visitor management software can be a great way to provide your visitors a better experience, improve security, track business success, and minimize the costs of hiring a front desk staff.

According to a study by Payscale, salaries of receptionists can go as high as $36,000, and that is before overhead, benefits, and taxes!

 In some cases where an automated system cannot entirely replace a front desk staff, it could still enable staff to focus on more important assignments and reduce human error while it streamlines guest check-ins. That alone could save you hundreds of hours in the long run.

An automated visitor registration system is particularly helpful during odd hours or when the front desk person is on leave. Having such a system also implies that you’ve got a list of visitors that is easily accessible for emergency or security purposes.

Reception automation can benefit businesses of all sizes. Improving your front desk staff’s flexibility and efficiency through a web-based visitor management system is one thing. Ensuring that your guests are being welcomed precisely the way you would want them to be through customizable visitor management system features is another.

 Below are some tips to automate your visitor management system.                                                                   

Customize welcome sign

A lobby check-in can be the first in-person experience that some visitors may have with the company. So make sure to customize your welcome screen to impress your visitors.

Customize the check-in process

It is vital to choose a visitor registration system that has a clean and user-friendly interface. It must allow you to customize your check-in process depending on the visitors who come to your office.
Your company may have several types of visitors, and not all of them need to go through the same registration system. For a general visitor, for instance, you may wish to gather their name, organization, and contact details. However, for a courier whose only intent is to deliver a document, you may only need to ask for his name and company.

Improve security

For security purposes, you may require your visitors to wear identification badges. You can have your reception system to print on the spot visitor badges through a compatible label printer. You can also have your system take a picture of every visitor to take your safety and security to a further level.

Automate visitor registration notification

An automated reception is not only simple digital signage. It can be customized to automatically notify an employee when his or her invited guest arrives. The notification can be delivered via email, text message, Slack, or other messaging platforms. In addition, it eliminates the hassle of hunting down the employee they want to see as the system provides a private communication channel between the employee and the guest. This can be particularly vital when the purpose of the meeting involves a sensitive topic.
An automated visitor registration notification can also create two-way communication. Staff members do not only receive messages whenever visitors come to see them. They can also send messages back to their guests. A staff member who is in a meeting, for instance, can send a quick note to the system to say that he will be coming to the reception within a few minutes.
To ensure that you don’t leave your visitor hanging, an efficient reception system enables message forwarding. When the primary contact of the visitor is not available, you can customize your system to send a notification to secondary or third person contact.

Collect vital information from visitors

A digital sign-in method does not only eliminate the use of visitor sign-in sheet, but it also enables you to collect essential information about visitors. It does this without disrupting the check-in process.
If you want to gather insights into the comings and goings in your building, you may set your visitor management system to require your visitors to select from a list of the type of visitors.
A more sophisticated system can also enable you to obtain the necessary signatures from the visitors during check-ins in case you require your visitors to sign disclaimers, non-disclosure agreements, and other clearances. Authorized system administrators can later on access these documents filed in a secure and centralized dashboard.

Should you upgrade your visitor management system?

Take a closer look at your reception and take a long view on whether it is time to adopt a better technology from leading leading B2B solutions. Aside from creating a positive impression, an efficient visitor registration system can provide a consistent interface for visitors. It can likewise save your staff some administrative time so they can concentrate on other tasks that might be more engaging and impactful to your business.
If one of your main concerns is your budget, you can check out the PiLOBI visitor management system price that starts at only $9.99 per month for startups and single-location businesses. As your business needs grow, you can scale easily as well.

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