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The monthly cost of piLOBI reception management system is based on the payment plan you select. With 12- and 24-month prepay plans, you receive a corresponding 18% or 30% discount and pay for one year in advance. We do not offer any discounts on month-to-month plans.

The Enterprise package of piLOBI lobby management software is a custom offer that our sales team creates for you based on your business needs, goals, and capacities. The validity of the plan stays for one year as per the custom agreement, which you need to sign when all the details of your package are confirmed.

We don’t interrupt or restrict your service. No visitors are lost. The piLOBI reception management system adds the extra visitors quota and charges a extension fee to your account for any month in which your list exceeds the maximum allowed in your chosen plan.

Basic plan allows only 1000 visitor sign-ins per month, whereas, piLOBI advanced plans allow unlimited visitor sign-ins. Also, the advanced plans offer additional features.

You can cancel your account anytime. To cancel your paid account, please log in to piLOBI Lobby Management system, raise a request to cancel account. Our support team will confirm post cancellation of your account. Please note that when you cancel an account, all your account data will be lost.

piLOBI consulting comes with the Premium+ package. You get 1.0 hours per month of expert consultation related to your application support, piLOBI account and setup, product training, and monthly performance reporting.

piLOBI lobby management system is a kind of pay-as-you-go service. This means we don’t issue refunds, even if you cancel immediately after your credit card is charged for a billing period. The amounts already charged are not refunded under any circumstances.

These are dedicated Enterprise services aimed to ensure your company gains best ROI on digital visitor management system. That includes ongoing monitoring and reporting of your results, advice and help on improving your deliverability, and day-to-day support with all aspects of your usage of piLOBI reception management software .

Yes, piLOBI offers a dedicated 24/7 best-in-class customer services for full 365 days. For further queries, feel free to contact us at sales@pilobi.com for any assistance. You can also get your issues resolved instantly using our Live Chat feature.

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