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Visitor Sign-In Sheet vs Digital Visitor Management System

With technology entering every area of our lives, it is only a matter of time before we use it to streamline even the most often mundane aspects of business practices. One area where technology can make a big difference to business is the visitor management system. Traditionally, businesses have used a visitor sign-in system for a variety of reasons. One of the main advantages of getting visitor information is to be able to build a large contact list for future events or promotions. Another important reason is security. However, the compilation of data is manual and can take many man-hours.

Benefits of Digital Visitor Sign in System

There are several benefits to adopting a digital visitor sign-in system. Digital visitor management systems take the process online and help to streamline the entire process. Here are some of the ways in which a digital system can help your business compared to using visitor sign-in.

  • Cost

    It might seem counter-intuitive to assume that visitor sign-in software is cheaper than a visitor sign-in system which costs just a few hundred rupees. However, there are several ways in which the system is not efficient. A visitor sign-in system requires to be managed by a person who could be better utilized with other responsibilities. With a digital system, visitors can sign-in on their own. With the traditional system, the receptionist might not be at their station or might be away at lunch.

  • Security

    With a sign-in system, there might be a chance of losing someone’s information. Worse still, others who visit can also see the entered information. With a digital system, the information is concealed and there is no chance of it getting lost.

  • Productivity

    A digital system has plenty of features that allow for increased productivity. An interesting feature of a digital visitor management system is immediate contact. If a visitor has come to visit a particular person in the company, then the system will alert them. The system can also direct the visitor to their appointment without having to track them down. The traditional system would require personnel to find the relevant persons which decrease productivity.

  • Company Size

    Employing a receptionist requires space and resources such as a salary, benefits, space for a desk, and more. A lot of companies that are just starting out might not have space or resources to hire such a person. With many start-ups mushrooming all across the country, funds are better used elsewhere. Many start-ups even prefer to use coworking spaces. With a digital system that does not require space or large expenses, you can end up saving resources.

  • Follow Up

    One of the most important benefits of using a digital visitor management system is the ability to collate all the relevant data of your visitors. With the traditional system, information might get lost or visitors might simply not fill in all the relevant information. There are also issues of understanding the handwriting or spelling errors. A digital system can arrange all the information of your visitors which you can review on a later date.


Real-World Applications of a Visitor Sign-In Software

Your business can benefit greatly from the information that you collect from your visitor login. you can determine what type of clients or visitors you usually entertain. For example, a gym can collect information from all their clients in order to understand if there are any gaps in their marketing. If all the clients seem to belong only to one age demographic, the business can direct their attention to other ages and offer services that are relevant to them. One of the simpler usages can be emailing your entire list of visitors any new offers or promotions. Another instance could be a company that deals with salespersons. With all their information available immediately, it becomes easier for you to get in touch with the right person for a relevant solution.

As you can see, digital visitor management software can prove to be an irreplaceable asset to your business if used in the correct manner. It is quickly replacing older forms of visitor sign-in systems and heralding a new age in user data and information.

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