piLOBI Features

Key features for seamless visitor flow management
Streamline visitor flow, optimise productivity, and enhance safety and security at the same time.
installation and setup1
Quick installation and set up

piLOBI visitor registration system is flexible, secure, easy to install and implement. It is much easier to set up and requires no prior technical expertise.


Real-time host Notifications

piLOBI sends automatic visitor notifications to the host via eMail and SMS. Alerts hosts about the arrival of the guests and also displays their pick up points.


Quick and easy sign in using ID’s

Automatically assigned QR codes allows visitors re-use their previously issued badge and helps bypass the registration process on subsequent visits.


Smart pre-registrations

Hosts can prepare pre-registrations  including the meeting and venue details and also QR code for easy sign in. Send it via Email and SMS to the host and fastens the check-in process during visitor registration.

Visitor facial capturing

Our visitor sign-in software is one of the best in the business and captures the image of every visitor entering your facility. Our system stores the images in the customer portal for future retrieval.

Efficient visitor sign-in system

piLOBI visitor sign-in system reduces the load on office reception staff by incorporating end to end automation  in managing the arrival of visitors.



live dashboard
Live dashboard

Offers an overview of visitors in a graphical pattern. The dashboard features all the information such as the number of pre-registered visitors and also new visitors.

Visitor badges

piLOBI visitor registration software allows printing of visitor badges that contain visitor’s credentials.  Allows employees to easily recognise the visitors.

Seamless Security

With features like visitor facial capture, storage of visitor’s digital signatures, and approval based visitor entry, piLOBI ensures optimal security of your premises.

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