3 Ways Your Reception Area Makes an Impression


First impressions are the most crucial aspect for establishing an image in a customer’s mind. In any business, if a customer graces your establishment with their presence, providing them with optimum services is the only thing many people aim for but making a good first impression is on the same level of importance. For any establishment, the first place that any customer heads for is the reception area. This is the place where the customer basically decides what they think of your establishment. This is exactly why a reception management system plays a crucial role in any business for making the services smooth and efficient for the customers.

Having a reception management software that assists your functioning by acting as a digital receptionist not only helps in providing polished services, but also in making sure that these services match the requirements of the customer.

Reception Management System Helping you Improve the Reception Area                                                           

The impressions the customers take away from a reception area depend on many factors. Here are some of these major factors and how the reception management system can improve them:

  • Layout

    The first thing that any customer notices about your establishment as they enter is the layout and aesthetic. Making sure that your reception area has a good ambiance, comfortable and spacious sitting area, cleanliness, and prompt awareness of the new customers counts a lot. A reception management app helps you know when a new customer has walked in so you can heed attention to them.

  • Greetings and Reception

    As the customer walks up to the reception, a vibrant greeting is a good way to start the engagement off. Post this, providing a follow up by asking them for the services they require or if they have any prior bookings is a step that determines their impressions. Having a reception management software that aids the receptionist to stay ahead of the customer’s request will certainly make a good impression.

  • Functionality

    Determining the average number of customers your venture gets visited from is imperative in making the place less crowded. The reception management app keeps track of how many customers you have each day and it helps you in determining the busiest hours, where you need to push yourself to meet every customers’ needs. This not only helps you in avoiding losing customers, but also in setting a steadfast image in their minds for your venture’s functionality.

Areas that Reception Management Software Assists to Improve in Reception

  • Bookings and Registration

    Having a database that provides the receptionist with all the details of the bookings of the customer before they walk up to the reception is the sign of an exemplary reception service. The reception management app has all of this data which can be accessed easily by the receptionist. Even with the registration process of new customers, using the app is way more efficient and quicker than manual entries.

  • Feedback and Response

    Making sure that the customer’s experience doesn’t have any predicaments is a crucial part of any business. If the customer has any feedback, the reception is the first place that they will turn up to. Understanding their grievances through the software and responding to them immediately leaves a long-lasting positive impression on the customer, and makes them want to return to your venture for more in the future.

  • Notifications

    Having a digital system for reception services also helps in notifying the appropriate staff that their services are needed. For instance, if the new customer is filling in their details in the app during registration in a hotel, the baggage staff will be instantly notified via SMS or e-mail or some other form and they can report to the reception area immediately. Same goes with the room service staff, as they are notified which room number the new customer will be staying in, and they can make sure that the room is clean and good to go for the customer before the customer reaches the room.


As seen in the points above, there is a certain technique to satiate the needs of your customers, and the reception area plays an important role in it. The impressions the customers take away from the reception area stays with them for the rest of their engagement with your venture. This is what makes it a prevalent fact that a reception management system is a must-have commodity to make sure that the customers are left with a good impression from the get-go.


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