How Visitor Management System Improves Apartment Security?

Due to the acute lack of wide-open spaces, big houses or bungalows are a thing of the past and everywhere we go, we are greeted by tall and luxurious apartments. Whether you are a bachelor fresh out of college, a young couple buying their first home or a retired couple fixing their leisure pad, an apartment is the obvious choice.
Even though every society has a watchman but your home still does not receive the individual protection it deserves due to obvious reasons. A visitor management system fixes that by providing you with the unique security measures that keep everyone in the family safe and secure.

Keep Track of Your Visitors

Whether you have a watchman or not, with a good visitor management solution your home uses the latest technology in security measures to keep track of all your visitors. Its unique software keeps track of your guests. And by automating the signing in procedure, you don’t have to worry about receiving them in the lobby.
The visitor management system allows your guests to sign in automatically who have a unique QR code, thus preventing any unwelcome guests. It also keeps a record of all who come and go, hence, in case of an emergency, it’s easy to track down the list of people who visited you.

Convenient Entry for Family and Friends

The point of a visitor management solution is not only to keep unwanted guests out, but also grant easy access to our family and friends. To all our near and dear ones who visit us frequently filling in their details manually or signing in every time can become a tedious process.
The smart visitor management software allows our frequent guests to bypass the entire process of verification by allowing them to sign in using their previously used badges or IDs.
They can re-use these IDs through the QR code and bypass the signing in process entirely, making them feel at home as soon as they arrive.

Easy Set-Up and Access

piLOBI’s visitor management software is designed with easy setup in mind. Not all of us are technical gods but we do deserve a home that is safe and secure.
These systems can be set up by anyone without any prior technical knowledge with the help of the manual that comes with it thus giving you prompt security solutions you need for your home.
To makes things even easier the visitor management solutions have a dashboard that comprises of all the data that the system collects and displays it for everyone to access. It is displayed in an elaborate, yet simple manner using a graphical overview for easy understanding of the data.

Real-Time Notifications

In case of an emergency, you will need help from your apartment staff and management officials. Be it a leaky plumbing job or a security issue, prompt action by the staff is of utmost importance. Relying on outdated communication systems and analog mechanisms is not the best way to tackle such situations.
piLOBI’s visitor management setup allows you to record your grievances and the management officials and staff get notified immediately in real-time. No phone calls or run-ins required.
Since the tenants and house owners give feedback about the staff based on their processing of these grievances, the staff will always be prompt at solving your problems.

An apartment is far from becoming a home if it doesn’t feel safe and secure. With buildings becoming more commercial there is always the need for that personal touch to make it stand out. Be it an attentive staff or up to date security measure, piLOBI’s visitor management system helps you achieve just that. It not only reduces the load of documentation by automating the process but also removes human error thus creating a more secure and robust environment.

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