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Everything You Need to Know About Visitor Registration Notifications

In conventional visitor management, a visitor arrives at the facility and completes the registration process before he is granted access. The receptionist enquires the visitor regarding the concerned person he came to meet.  This is followed by receptionist making a call to the host to intimate him about the visitor arrival. What if the host happens to be away from his chamber? He may not be able to answer the call or receive the message from the receptionist. As a result, visitors are left stranded for long hours at the reception unsure of the availability of the host.

The visitor is rather unsure of the exact available time of the host. As a result, he goes on to enquire with the receptionist at regular intervals thereby interrupting receptionist workflow. Adopting a visitor registration system can address all the hassles associated with conventional visitor management. Whenever a visitor arrives and completes the registration at the lobby, a visitor management software sends real-time host notifications via Email, SMS and Voice mail. Hence, the host is well aware of the exact instance a visitor has arrived in the facility. The receptionist no longer needed to call the host to intimate visitor arrival. As the process is automated, there would no longer be any visitor standing queues. All these events creates a favourable first impression on the visitor. In this article, we discuss about the real-time registration notifications that play an important role in reducing visitor churn. 

Visitor Management Systems for Hassle-Free Visitor Check-Ins

Visitor management systems came into existence in the recent past to address the security concerns of the facility and offer a warm welcome to the visitors. A visitor management system provides an elegant touchscreen experience to the visitors and accounts for seamless visitor check-ins. A modern, intuitive, and professional visitor management system improves the front-desk operations and ultimately enhance visitor experiences. After the visitor completes the registration process, the system sends an automated notification to the host via email or SMS to intimate the host of the visitor arrival. 

Significance of Real-Time Notifications

In the absence of any visitor management system, the reception staff makes a call to the host or pay a physical visit to the host to intimate him of the visitor arrival.  The reception staff is always busy dealing with large volumes of visitors. Apart the reception staff is involved in other administrative tasks. The staff may not be contactable all the time, i.e., during a break, involved in other works and the likes. As a result, visitors are left stranded for hours unsure of the host availability. 

A visitor management software sends real-time notifications and eliminates the problems associated with traditional visitor management. It allows the staff to offer a higher level of experience to the customers and creates a favourable impression on the visitors. 

Types of Real-Time Visitor Registration Notifications

1. SMS Notifications:

Short simple messages in short SMS are virtually instant. Speed is an important attribute of text notifications. Text messages are processed within a fraction of seconds and reach the recipient within a short time. Further, for SMS, the delivery rates are on the higher side. 

2. Email:

The visitor management system employs email as other great means to intimate the host of the visitor arrival after completion of visitor registration. The notification alerts the host of the visitor arrival; it also features visitor details and is accompanied by a photograph for easy identification. When compared to SMS, email is not that a great channel to send real-time notifications.

Disadvantages with Emails

A majority of the emails fail to reach the recipients inbox. Some of the factors that can be attributed for this failure include corporate firewalls, technical breakdowns, and individual spam filters. In some cases, email may take a much longer time than delivery or occasionally delayed.

3. Voice Mail:

For long, voice calls are the primary means of intimating the host about the visitor’s arrival. When a visitor arrives, the receptionist will make a call to the host to intimate the same. So, there is a level of comfort associated with these notifications. Currently, smartphones, landlines, and VOIP are used to receive reception voice notifications. The notifications are automated, and they will also send a voicemail if the notifications remain unanswered.

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