2024's Leading Visitor Check-In Software: Our Top 10 Picks

2024’s Leading Visitor Check-In Software: Our Top 10 Picks

Visitor management is of higher importance than ever in 2024. Efficient visitor management is more than simply courteous behavior; it’s about security, productivity, and providing a smooth experience. Whether you manage a small business, a busy office, or a massive public institution, appropriate visitor check-in software may make a huge difference. In this guide, we’ll look at the top ten visitor check-in software solutions available in 2024 to help you pick the best fit for your needs. 

The Reasons for Using Visitor Check-in Software 

The use of visitor check-in software provides numerous benefits: 

  1. Keeps track of and logs visitor data. 
  2. Optimizes the process of checking in. 
  3. Lowers human errors. 
  4. Keeping up a professional appearance makes welcoming visitors easy. 

Top ten Visitor Check-in Programs for 2024 

1. piLOBI

High-end visitor management software like piLOBI is made to maximize efficiency, improve security and safety, and control visitor flow. It is a great option for companies of all sizes due to its adaptable, safe, and simple-to-install technology. 

Important Elements 

  • Quick Installation and Setup: Setting up requires no prior technical knowledge. 
  • Real-Time Host Notifications: Hosts receive automatic updates via email and SMS about visitor arrivals and pickup locations.  
  • Fast and Simple ID Check-In: Guests can utilize previously issued badges with QR codes for quicker check-ins. 
  • Smart Pre-Registrations: Hosts can set up pre-registrations with meeting details and QR codes sent by SMS and email to guarantee speedy check-ins.  
  • Visitor facial capture: This technique takes pictures of visitors and saves them for later use. 
  • Effective Visitor Sign-In System: End-to-end automation lessens the workload for the reception team. 
  • Live Dashboard: Offers a graphical summary of visitor activities. 
  • Visitor Badges: For simple identification, badges bearing visitor credentials are printed. 
  • Seamless Security: The best possible security is provided by features like approval-based access, digital signature storage, and facial recognition. 


  • Simple to assemble and operate. 
  • Visitor control features with high security. 
  • Provides hosts with real-time information. 

2. SwipedOn

SwipedOn is a potent visitor management program renowned for its extensive feature set and easy-to-use interface. For companies seeking to improve front desk operations with a safe, contactless sign-in option—it’s perfect. 


  • Access: Control access levels for distinct visitors with access controls and permissions. 
  • Alerts/Notifications: Instantaneous alerts on guest arrivals to the host. 
  • Badge management: Visitors’ badges are automatically printed. 
  • Log: Maintains an orderly log of all interactions with visitors under contact management. 
  • ID scanning: Offers a rapid and precise method of identifying visitors. 
  • Register: Permit guests to register before their arrival. 
  • Management of Registration: Simplifies the registration procedure. 
  • Self-Check-In/Check-Out: Guests are allowed to do their own check-in and checkout. 
  • Visitor tracking: Keeps an eye on how guests are moving throughout the building.  


  • User-friendly interface: It is a simple-to-use and navigate interface. 
  • Options for Customization: Molds the system to fit particular requirements. 
  • Outstanding Client Service: A helpful and accommodating support staff.  

3. Robin

Robin’s visitor management is ideal for mid-market and corporate businesses because it enables workplace teams to manage guests effectively. It upholds strict security guidelines while guaranteeing a flawless guest experience. 


  • Permissions and access controls alerts and notifications 
  • Management of badges 
  • Contact administration 
  • ID scanning 
  • Advance registration 
  • Management of registration 


  • Self-check-in/check-out visitor tracking. 
  • Scalable: Fit for expanding companies. 
  • Integration: Functions nicely with other office equipment and programs. 
  • Streamlined visitor management procedures for an efficient visitor flow.

4. FMS

The entire experience with FMS is smooth, from invitation to departure. It is made to meet all of your guest management requirements, guaranteeing a quick and secure visitor check-in procedure. 


  • Secure entry points. 
  • Immediate host notifications. 
  • Efficient badge creation. 
  • Accurate ID verification. 
  • Simplifies guest arrivals. 
  • Keeps a log of visitor movements. 


  • Features that are Complete: Addresses every facet of guest management. 
  • Features like watch list screening are included in the safety enhancements.  

5. HID Visitor Management Solutions

Because of its unique identity management features, HID Visitor Management Solutions is a great option for companies looking to improve security and expedite front desk processes. 


  • Secure visitor access. 
  • Real-time updates on visitor arrivals. 
  • Prints and manages visitor badges. 
  • Quick and efficient identification. 
  • Ease the check-in process with pre-registration. 
  • Monitor visitor activity 


  • High Security: Sophisticated features for identity management. 
  • Presenting a Professional Image: makes a good impression on guests right away. 

6. Envoy

Envoy is well known for extending a kind greeting to visitors while securing individuals, assets, and concepts. It is a complete visitor management program that provides touchless sign-in, badge printing, and handling of legal documents. 


  • Access Controls/Permissions 
  • Alerts/Notifications 
  • Badge Management 
  • Contact Management 
  • ID Scanning 
  • Pre-Registration 
  • Registration Management 
  • Self Check-In/Check-Out 
  • Visitor Tracking 


  • Secured Sign-In: Increases comfort and security. 
  • Adaptable: Fits a variety of business sectors. 

7. Proxyclick

With Proxyclick, businesses can securely and compliantly manage the flow of visitors, employees, and contractors across locations. This cloud-based solution is ideal for companies seeking security and scalability. 


  • Visitor, Employee, and Contractor Flow Management: Manages flows across multiple locations. 
  • Secure and Compliant: Ensures security and compliance with regulations. 
  • Cloud-Based Solution: Offers unlimited usage potential. 


  • Online/Cloud-Based: obtainable from any location. 
  • Plans with Unlimited Usage: Perfect for areas with lots of traffic.  

8. The Receptionist for iPad

The Receptionist for iPad provides an innovative visitor management solution featuring two-way SMS, email, and Slack communication. It’s perfect for companies that want effective communication tools and configurable guest workflows. 


  • Visitor Chaos Management: Calms visitor chaos with efficient check-ins. 
  • Communication: Handles guest check-in, notifications, and badge printing. 
  • Visitor Information Storage: Stores visitor information securely. 


  • Adaptable Processes: Adapt the check-in procedure to your requirements. 
  • Effective Interaction: updates in real-time over Slack, email, or SMS. 


Vaccine administration can be easily managed from the moment the vaccine arrives at the clinic until it is administered with the help of VAMS, a secure and user-friendly web application. 


  • Visitor and Vendor Management: Automates validation and record-keeping. 
  • Mobile OTP: Enables secure check-ins through mobile OTP. 
  • Digital Record Keeping: Stores and retrieves visitor entry records digitally. 


  • User-friendly with time-saving features. 
  • Supportive customer service. 

10. Honeywell Forge Visitor Management

Honeywell Forge Visitor Management creates a smooth, professional check-in process. It works especially effectively for companies that value efficiency and security. 


  • Tour and Activity Booking: Specializes in booking and managing tours and activities. 
  • Comprehensive Software: Manages bookings, check-ins, and customer interactions. 


  • Expert Interface: Clear and simple design. 
  • High Security: Improved business safety features. 

How to Pick the Best Software for Visitor Check-in 

Determine Your Needs 

  • Business Size: Select software appropriate for your company’s size. 
  • Security Requirements: Take into account the degree of protection you require. 
  • Requirements for Integration: Verify that the program is compatible with your current systems. 

Important Qualities to Consider  

  • Usability: user-friendly and intuitive UI. 
  • Current Notifications: Inform the hosts when guests arrive. 
  • Pre-Registration: By registering ahead of time, you can expedite the check-in procedure. 
  • Visitor tracking: Keep an eye on how guests are moving throughout the building. 

Considering the Budget 

  • No-cost trials: Check the program out before you buy it. 
  • Value for Money: To determine the best value, weigh the costs and perks. 

Final Thoughts 

Your company’s security, effectiveness, and general visitor experience can all be improved by making the correct software investment for guest check-in. Examine your needs, weigh the important features, and select the software that most closely satisfies them. Regardless of the size of your business, there is a visitor management system on our list that can meet your needs and help you create a seamless and professional check-in procedure.    

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