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Maximise your front-desk efficiency with smart, secure and versatile visitor sign-in system. Attract your visitors with piLOBI’s automated digital reception.

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Quick and easy visitor check-in

Effectively manage the arrival of every visitor with automated hassle-free visitor registration. piLOBI advanced visitor management system reduces the workload on office reception staff and saves a lot of  time and money.

Real-time host notifications

Our visitor management software sends instant notifications via e-Mail, and SMS to the host, alerting them about the arrival of the guests. Get a complete picture of real-time visitor within the premises.

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Multi-location Management

With piLOBI, visitor management is easier than never before! Streamline the visitor info from multiple locations under one account. Centrally manage all your company’s visitor management systems across multiple locations.

Smart and Secure

Enhanced security with capture of visitors facial images and collection of digital signatures. piLOBI visitor management solutions allow efficient management of visitor information ensuring on-premise security at workplaces and events.

Enhance your visitor management system with integrated features from piLOBI.

A Comprehensive Visitor Management Platform

Visitors can quickly sign-in using piLOBI visitor management software. Minimises the workload at the reception and leads to more economical operation of the front desk.

piLOBI supports multiple languages and allows the visitor decide his convenient language based on the geographic location for completing the registration process thereby enhancing the visitor experience.

A dedicated Admin dashboard makes it easy for the management to supervise the system. In-depth customised reports with multiple export options offer a clear view of visitors periodic visits on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

piLOBI visitor access management is super flexible to use on multiple platforms (android, ios) and devices and delivers flawless experience. It  is the flexible visitor management system for managing and monitoring visitors.

piLOBI Visitor Management System

The secure approach to identify, manage and track visitors
Digital Reception

Streamline your visitor management right away with piLOBI’s digital reception. Effortless visitor self sign-in accounts for a seamless experience. Eliminates the need for a receptionist, making it the most efficient points in your company.

Meeting Management

Create alerts through piLOBI and manage or keep track of any meetings of employees with the visitors using the efficient meeting management system

Employee Attendance

piLOBI’s live data and time enables you to have a bird’s eye view of your employees attendance and improves the efficiency of the business.

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Modern, secure and affordable solution to meet the needs of every day office requirements.


Experience effortless check-in experiences with piLOBI’s leading edge visitor management system.


Maximise the front-desk efficiency of MNCs with piLOBI visitor management system.


Streamline the check-in process for the patients and visitors with piLOBI.


piLOBI secures the properties with digital documentation and validated visitor check-ins.


Simple yet powerful visitor check-in system that offers unsurpassable solution for visitor management in Towers.

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Perfect for Startups and Single Location Business
$9.99Per Month

Single Location      (WEB/TAB)

Link single TAB

Visitor Face/ID/Signature Capture

QR Code with PhotoID Printing

1000 Visitors

SMS, OTP Notifications to be purchased separately

eMail Notifications





For small & medium sized companies
$29.99Per Month

Multiple Location(s) (WEB/TAB)

Link Multiple TABs

Visitor Face/ID/Signature Capture

QR Code with PhotoID Printing

Unlimited Visitors

SMS, OTP Notifications to be purchased separately

eMail Notifications

Office 365 Integration

Emergency Evacuation

Reports & Analytics


Most Popular

For Multi Location Companies
$99.99Per Month

All PREMIUM              Features +

Employee Login

Register (B2B) Public    Profile

Profile Validation by Security Admin

Book Appointment from Company Website

Employee Attendance

Reports & Analytics





For Corporate Groups
Looking to avail Enterprise Plan? Feel free to

All PREMIUM+              Features +

Employee Login

Create Visitor Profile

Visitor Validity Check

Online Appointments

Reports & Analytics








Real Time visitor management system

Greater control to the admin for efficient management of visitor flows

Plus laptop device
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