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piLOBI is a powerful solution for commercial real estate and provides security personnel with an intuitive interface for faster check-ins. It controls unauthorised persons from entering the premises, grant restricted access and safeguards properties. A comprehensive and flexible system for effective management of commercial and residential properties.
Safeguard your property with piLOBI

Keep your commercial or residential property safe with piLOBI visitor management system. Real estate offices can leverage piLOBI for enhanced security, and comprehensive visitor management. Improves the overall efficiency of the entire property portfolio. The visitor management system is handy for institutional, commercial, residential investors and their service providers. The system prevents unauthorised access of the visitors to your property and creates a secure facility.

Self Check-in

Robust features

piLOBI offers sophisticated management solution to safeguard your people and property.

restricted user
Digital sign-in
piLOBI allows quick and easy visitor sign-in via visitor facial capture and digital signatures.
Real-time notifications

Automatically notifies the host of the visitor arrival, thereby minimising the wait times.


Improves security
Streamline visitor check-ins, prevents entry of unwelcome guests and enhance overall property security.
visitor details
Comprehensive visitor details

Property managers can have accurate, real-time and historical lobby data of the visitors.

Visitor pre-registration

piLOBI’s intuitive interface allows visitor’s registration for single or recurring access.

Visitor badges and ID scans

Offers professional visitor badges with photos and visitor details.


Ward off threats to properties

Addresses growing number of threats to properties and offers better protection to visitors, assets and employees.

Operational efficiency

Property portfolio

Authorised access

Secure entry and exit

Extensive reports

Make right decisions

Overall security

Property and staff

Custom branding

Logo and branding

workplace security2
Workplace safety

Risk of intruders

Real-time monitoring

Live device tracking

automated registration2
Increase productivity

Automated registration

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