piLOBI Conquers the Visitor Management Software Arena by Receiving the Great User Experience Award and Rising Star of 2019 Award from Reputable Software Directory

There is much to celebrate this year for the entire piLOBI family! We are happy to share that piLOBI recently received two awards from CompareCamp — the Great User Experience Award and the Rising Star of 2019 Award. Knowing that our efforts are seen and acknowledged by experts and top industry players is extremely humbling and encouraging to the entire piLOBI family.

 CompareCamp is a top website that delivers expert B2B review articles that help users in choosing the perfect software for their business needs. It is a reputable expert when it comes to evaluating the many visitor management software available in the market. Receiving an award from them is quite an honor.

 piLOBI received the Great Experience Award for having robust tools that allows for automated processing of the many visitor transactions that businesses deal with. Our team prioritized this, making it easy for our users to organize, assemble, and smoothly operate their visitor workflow and security protocols. Hence, knowing that our specialized automated QR tools, notifications, advanced registration features, and emergency evacuation protocols greatly helped our users is truly fulfilling.

 Recipients of the Rising Star Award of 2019 are software services that are fast becoming popular. These are products that are favored by users in their respective industries. The clout that piLOBI has been receiving is due to the consistently stellar reviews of our advanced tools and features, and we thank our vocal users and supporters for these. Hearing that piLOBI makes it easy for them to get on with their businesses without having to bother about their visitation management needs is what we are here for.

 As we finish this year, know that our team is working tirelessly in delivering more advanced tools and features. We dedicate these awards to our loyal users and supporters. Humbled, encouraged, and energized, know that our team is ever inspired to serve all of you all the more.


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