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How to Improve Workplace Productivity Using QR Code Technology?

What present-day businesses are dealing with internally is a tech-savvy and essentially the tech-dependent generation of workforce. Smartphones are part of the inevitable technological change today, and interestingly their growing use can be significantly leveraged in improving workplace productivity.

Mobile apps dedicatedly designed for the workforce or even an app-based visitor management system, using Smartphones can make noteworthy improvements in overall workplace productivity. One of the most effective and engaging features of these software and computerized systems is the QR code. These easy to engage and multipurpose codes can make drastic differences in how your staff is performing.

In this blog, we are addressing the question of how QR codes can improve workplace productivity of your organization. However, let’s start by understanding QR codes and their benefits.

What is QR Code in a Visitor Management System?

A more evolved version of the traditional barcode usually printed on product packages, QR Code – Quick Response codes – is an odd-looking digital image comprising valuable information. The square-shaped code is designed in a machine-readable grid with multiple dots and squares on white background, making the pattern incomprehensible to human eyes. Compared to the two-dimensional barcodes, QR codes are more advanced in terms of enhanced security and capacity to hold a huge amount of data.

QR Codes have become increasingly popular in the consumer market, where Smartphones are typically used as code scanners. Once a code reader is downloaded on a Smartphone, it can read and transit information to complete any transaction or task. These are also used in visitor management software, where a visitor can simply scan the code after downloading the app for a feasible check-in and check out process.

Benefits of Using QR Code

  • QR is designed to hold double the information as compared to barcodes
  • Can be scanned from any direction and easy to read
  • Minimal chances of background view obstruction
  • Easy to encourage customer engagement with a downloadable scanner
  • Cost-effective method to facilitate customer engagement


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Ways to Improve Workplace Productivity Using QR Codes and Visitor Management Software

Let’s understand how QR codes can play an instrumental role in defining the workplace productivity of your organization.

Employee Identification Process

QR Codes can be constructively used for employee identification by using an app-based log programming. The system provides a separate code for each employee, which can be self-scanned using a Smartphone. After successfully scanning the code, the system automatically matches the employee name, picture, and any other relevant details. This time-saving technology completes the verification process rapidly and ensures easy employee engagement. It can also be utilized in attendance mapping and time monitoring in an office.

Access Control

Visitor management app with QR Codes can be effective in planning access control once an employee is in the office premise. Codes can be helpful in determining the purpose of a visitor or job assigned to an employee and then grant access to the premises accordingly. It can also provide scanned special badges for employees who are hired for a particular time period and for a particular task. This eliminates chances of chaos and inconvenience for visitors and employees, which will, in due course, enhance productivity.

Simplified Voucher Redemption

There are many workplaces, especially organizations with manufacturing units or night shift centres, that provide free meals. QR codes can be used instead of traditional vouchers to assist the management in the distribution of meals and redemption of vouchers. Employees can scan the code and authenticate their redemption, making the entire process seamless and less time-consuming.

Task Assignment and Report Submission

Higher management can install a QR based app system controlled by a centralized digital reception to assign tasks and receive report submissions seamlessly. This can directly engage the staff of your workplace in managing their assigned tasks. It can improve timely task completion while improving productivity. Employees can scan to facilitate crucial tasks such as equipment operation, inspection, check-in, material delivery, and much more.

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If you are thinking of embracing the modern-day technical advances in order to make some significant changes in your workplace, getting a QR technology-based app could be a good start. For more information on visitor management system and related functionality, get in touch with piLOBI today. piLOBI is known for providing comprehensive development solutions to meet all your requirements.

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