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How Visitor Management Software Can Boost Workplace Productivity

A workplace or a facility often witnesses large volumes of visitors every day. A receptionist may not be enough to manage visitor traffic with ease. In such instances, visitors have to wait for long periods and ultimately ends up roaming around your workplace. Also, the receptionist may not be available all the time. Hence, adopting an automated digital reception solution like visitor management software would serve to enhance the operational efficiency as well as productivity of the organization. In this article, we bring together the main elements of visitor management solutions that serve to boost workplace productivity.

Eliminate Paper Logs:

Traditional modes of visitor sign-ins using paper logs are laborious, time-consuming and do not leave a favorable impression on the guests. The information entered by the visitors is often incomplete and the details are difficult to interpret due to bad handwriting. On the contrary, the visitor management system features digitized visitor data. The VMS has preset data fields, where the visitor needs to enter the details to complete the registration process. It thereby ensures that a visitor enters the right details in the system. Further, data retrieval is also quite easy and effortless.

Keep Track of Your Visitors:

The visitor management system tracks the visitors who are entering and leaving the facility. Also, the software helps track the moment of visitors across the organization and increase efficiency. The software helps to know the exact location of the visitor and guides them efficiently through the premises. With VMS, it is possible to access real-time insights into visitor history and lobby activity.

Increased Efficiency:

It is quite difficult to manage the visitors manually at the workplace without any hassles. The security clearance of the guests can take a lot of time and leads to accumulation of visitors at the reception. Also, in the manual mode, the receptionist needs to guide the guest to the host location, which further consumes time. The visitor management system does all the tasks with ease. The visitor management software also allow recurring visitors to bypass the registration process by scanning the QR code and accounts for faster check-ins. 

Streamline Visitor Flows:

Traditional visitor management systems are difficult to manage and often account for unpleasant experiences to both visitors and employees. The reception staff is assigned multiple duties apart from greeting and welcoming visitors. Hence, as a result, the visitors were made to wait for longer durations for completing the registration formalities. On the other hand, the process is completely automated in case of the visitor management system. The visitor can complete the details on their own to complete the registration process. The automation saves a lot of time and helps streamline visitor flows even if there are large volumes of visitors.  

Reduce Operation Costs:

The main advantage of visitor management systems is that the entire process is automated. It serves to reduce the costs of manually setting up reception staff or installing CCTV cameras. The reception staff is available for only a particular time period. On the other hand, the VMS is automated and designed to function round the clock.

The visitor management systems come in handy for companies/organizations that have multiple offices located in various locations. A single dashboard offers a wider view of the business operations of all the offices at the same time.

Safety and Security:

For any business or organization, securing the workplace/premises is the primary objective. With the efficient capture of visitor data, the visitor management systems ensure a safer workplace for the employees to work. Also, in case of any emergency situations, it is quite difficult to manually intimate every visitor about the same. The VMS thereby helps to send emergency notifications to the visitors via Email and SMS with a single click and accounts for efficient emergency evacuation management.

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