Visitor Management System for

Small & Medium Enterprises

piLOBI offers scalable and affordable end to end visitor management solutions to meet the needs of small and large enterprises. The visitor management software is tailor-made to suit SMEs and gives competent and efficient solution to manage visitors on a daily basis.
Smart visitor management system crafted for SMEs


With quicker, efficient and secure visitor processing, piLOBI drives quality visitors to your business. The broad range of functions that piLOBI offers leaves a long lasting impression on the visitors. Optimise the visitor management process and offer more professional guest experience with digitised reception. Print personalised guest badges with barcode to facilitate quick sign-ins for recurring visitors. Highly customisable and versatile visitor management software crafted to suit varied needs of small and medium businesses.

Self Check-in

Robust features

piLOBI is the affordable means to drive quality visitors to small and medium businesses.

go green
Go green with piLOBI

Paperless visitor sign-in is smooth, streamlined and efficient accounting for green business practices.


Automated system

Seamless visitor data capture and handle multiple visitors with ease.



Visitor monitoring

Helps monitor number of visitors, frequency of visitors and their length of the stay.


Eliminates Identity theft

piLOBI visitor management system stores the visitor details in the cloud preventing identity theft.

cloud hosting
Cloud hosting

Login to the dashboard from anywhere and make informed decisions.


Reliable and secure

Electronic visitor registration increases reliability and eliminates the chances of any security breach.

Effective and efficient solution for SME's

Ideal solution to manage visitors flow and fulfill the goals of small and medium businesses.

quick installation
Quick installation

Easy set up

Real-time notifications

Guest arrival

Low Maintenance cost

No paper printing

workplace security2
Smart workplace

Paperless sign in

detailed repoerts1
Data capture

Visitor details

automated registration2
Increase productivity

Automated sign-in

Automated reporting

Visitor status and trend

freequently visitor
Frequent visitors

QR code scanning

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