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Visitor Management System in Hotels for Fast Check-Ins & Security


A swan swimming in the water looks tranquil on the surface, but below the waterline, its legs are moving quickly to keep it afloat. Similarly, a hotel’s front reception is controlled and quiet. But at the back-end, there is a lot of activity, with goods and people moving inside and out frequently. Thus, a hotel needs a quality visitor management system for both the front and back-end.

Benefits of a Visitor Management System for Hotels

  • A vast number of people are needed to operate a hotel, including temporary staff, regular employees, cooks, cleaning staff, and waiters. Plus, there is a steady flow of salespersons, contractors, vendors, and others. A large hotel typically has several entrances at the back for seamless traffic of all these people. This makes the job of the security staff all the more difficult as they need to keep tabs on both one-time and regular visitors and keep a close eye on the many entrances and exits.
  • A good visitor management software can help you both with visitor management and surveillance. You can feed all the details about regular staff into the platform and provide identification badges to them. This makes it simple and fast to do their security check, and they can also self check during entry and exit. Further, you can print out a badge for contractors as well as other frequent visitors and enter their personal information in the software. This badge will help security staff to give them access to the needed areas and prevent them from accessing restricted places.
  • A visitor management system for hotels helps the staff in keeping track of the movement of items like food, cutleries, equipments, etc. outside and inside the hotel. The administrators of the visitor management system can raise tickets before the movement of these items. These tickets not only help in keeping track of these materials, but also their count, their type, and their destination. After the material reaches the destination, the receiver can close the ticket. This automated procedure helps in ensuring the security of a hotel’s possessions and help in avoiding any misplacements or thefts.
  • For tasks such as food deliveries or home deliveries, visitor management software can help in tracking the movement of the delivery person until they reach the correct delivery location. This helps in eradicating the managements’ concerns about the loss of deliverable items during the course of delivery. Moreover, it also helps the management to keep track of the location of the items at any given time once they are out for delivery.
  • A quality visitor management system designed for hotels is simple to use and doesn’t need English fluency or technical skills. It can also be customized to function with vernacular languages. Simply feed all the information and set up the software, and it’ll perform all the hard work, and you’d only need to track the process.


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Key Features of Visitor Management Software for Hotels

Besides serving as a digital reception for hotels, a visitor management solution offers the following main features and benefits:


1. Check-in Unlimited Number of Visitors:

You can offer a professional experience by greeting your guests in a digital and smart way.

2. Customized Brand logo:

Hosts can easily customize the appearance setup and registration process.

3. Already Stayed:

Guests who have stayed previously need not register again for subsequent visits. They can easily check-in by giving their registered email ID or phone number.

4. Showcase your Brand:

Create a good impression on visitors by displaying your brand logo on the home screen and add a greeting message to welcome your guests.

5. Collect Visitor Photographs For Badge Printing:

Provide a badge to your guests on registration with their photograph so you can recognize them correctly and maintain a record for future assessment.

6. Host Alerts:

Hosts get a notification when their expected visitors come which helps to eliminate the challenge of time-intensive coordination.

7. Real-Time Guest log:

With a visitor management system for hotels, you can analyze performance metrics with the live guest log which is always updated and shows all the details of your guests.

8. Real-Time Dashboard Assessment:

Visitor records get stored and can be tracked via a real-time dashboard that is accessible to the administrator where all data is up to date.

9. Compare useful Insights and Data:

Get useful insights into the footfall of guests each month or track growth by visitor patterns.

10. Secure and Safe:

All guests can check-in with legal automation and the information is secured for better analysis and future audits.

11. Value For Money:

A visitor management software like piLOBI is economical and simple to maintain and use, and will give you full value for your investment.


Scope of Visitor Management System

With all the aforementioned advantages, it is imperative that hotels install a visitor management system and reap its benefits. With the dawn of the digital age, introducing software that can automate rudimentary processes can not only help save the time of the employees but also help in increasing the functionality of your hotel.


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