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Welcome your visitors with piLOBI’s professional sign-in system that promises safety, security and privacy of the visitors and delivers exceptional arrival experiences. Experience Quicker check-ins, reduced operating costs across all locations and give a polished look and feel to the front desk with piLOBI visitor management system.
Smart Office visitor management system

Modernise your welcome with piLOBI visitor management system. Visitor registration is now easier than ever before! piLOBI brings big differences in the way offices are run and administered. With automated visitor self check-in, piLOBI notifies the host on completion of registration. Multi-notification mode sends automatic visitor notifications via Email and SMS alerting them of the guest arrival and their pick up location.

Self Check-in

Robust features

Replace the paper log books and upgrade to piLOBI for quick paperless visitor sign-ins, and  improved security.

visitor check1
Automated self check-in

Visitors can complete the sign-in process with little or no employee assistance.



Faster registration

No more long queues in the reception or lobby as piLOBI ensures faster registration.



High precision
High precision

High degree of accuracy owing to entry of visitor info in pre-defined fields of data.



Private visitor records

piLOBI allows only authorised persons to access the sensitive visitor data preventing any misuse by unauthorised parties.

Host notifications

Sends automated message to the host as soon as the visitor signs-in.



Enhance office security

Capture of visitor images and digital signatures aids in the enhancement of office security.


Hassle-free visitor management system

Digitised visitor management system efficiently manages visitors at front-desk check points.

Stringent monitoring
Secure check-in
visitor badges2
Visitor Badges
Photo and signatures
Centralised dashboard
Secure data
Cloud storage
visitor flow
Monitor check points

Visitor flow

detailed repoerts1
Detailed Reports
Periodic visitations
Authorised access
Privacy protection
Smooth & clutter-free
Automated check-ins
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