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piLOBI visitor management system for towers is the most comprehensive way to manage a large number of visitors and guests. Tracking and measuring visitor data offers valuable insights about the visitor flow and helps you direct focus towards most active client base.
Intelligent Tower visitor management system

Towers serve as a major landmark, workplace for corporate offices, tourist attractions and often witness a large number of guests and visitors who have to bear the brunt of  long queues and waiting times. Automated visitor management systems enhance transparency and improve tower protection. With a user-friendly interface, piLOBI scares off intruders and criminals from entering the premises. piLOBI offers a professional way of managing the visitors and thereby enhance your tower’s reputation.

Self Check-in

Robust features

Manage multitude of visitors using piLOBI visitor management system.

Comfort and Security

Customise the look and experience of the visitor sign-in process.

Safeguard business reputation

Stores confidential data within the company and prevents data leakages.

Site safety

Prevents unauthorised intrusion and safeguards the tower premises.

imroves visitor service
Improve visitor service

Pre-registrations allows faster processing of visitors, bypassing long annoying queues.



low cost
Low-cost solution

piLOBI is flexible and scalable and does not put a strain on your pocket.




good brand image
Good brand image
Allows for developing feelings of reliance and trustworthiness among visitors and employees.

Streamlined visitor management

Automated system ensures comprehensive workflows to minimise lobby waiting times.

increase productavity
Increase productivity

Smart pre-registrations

cloud software
Cloud-based software

Eliminates human error

Efficient Check-in

Faster visitations


Verify visitor identity

Tower protection

Authorised entry

emergency evacuation
Emergency Evacuations

Exact headcounts

Robust analytics

Visitor trends

first impression
First impression

Positive experience

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