7 Critical Time Management Strategies to Boost Office Productivity

Time is a precious commodity, especially for small business owners. They need to accomplish multiple tasks during the day, from inventory and accounting to marketing and networking, and more. So it is essential for small business owners and managers to have effective time management skills that can help them improve office productivity and make work stress-free for both themselves and their employees. In this article, we provide useful time management tips to enable you to get the optimum amount of work done every day in your office:  

Invest in Resourceful Software Solutions

To start, you should spend money on good software tools like a visitor management system that can help to save time for your reception and security staff. A capable visitor management software program like piLOBI can facilitate digital reception and speed up visitor management at your office premises. You can bid goodbye to slow and inefficient paper processes and embrace digital reception to make your visitors and staff happy. 

Set Goals

Define attainable and clear goals to grow your company. Don’t be vague but set smart, measurable, time-bound, relevant, and attainable objectives for yourself and your personnel. This will help you to create a step-by-step process to achieve your goals. 

For instance, you can set a definite target of increasing your website traffic to a particular number and take the needed steps to reach this objective. The goal is relevant for your company growth and you can formulate a daily plan to work towards it. 

Learn to Say No

You need not attend to all the tasks and responsibilities in your office personally. Say to no non-important requests and concentrate on urgent and vital issues. Pay less attention to projects and activities that are not progressing as expected. Focus on productive work and avoid spending time on inefficient processes. 

Prioritize Smartly 

Prioritize your work and allocate most of your time for urgent and important tasks. Spend your energy and time on this work and assign less vital jobs for later. For instance, you can perform tasks like improving your payroll system or updating your website later after completing the items that are essential to running your business smoothly. 

At the start of the day, jot down the important tasks that need to be addressed immediately and work on them early in the morning when you are fresh and raring to go. Completing these tasks efficiently will boost your motivation and you can handle less essential jobs later in the day in a more leisurely manner. 

Remove Distractions 

Your mobile phone can be a big distraction when you are working on important tasks. Therefore, switch it off to focus on your work. Similarly, allot a particular time of the day when you are relatively free to check and perform your non-essential phone, email, and other tasks. Social media can be addictive so don’t spend too much time on it if it’s not work-related. In the same way, avoid getting interrupted by your staff while you are doing vital work. 

Monitor Your Time

Be aware of how many minutes you are spending on each task by using a timesheet tracker. It allows you to enter your clock-in and clock-out time for each project or task during the day. Plus, you can switch jobs when needed and still track accurate time for each task. Then, you can generate insightful reports to learn which type of work is consuming most of your time and whether you are wasting it on non-essential jobs. 

Delegate Wisely

Identify top performers in your organization and share some of your important work with them. This will give them an opportunity to be part of your company’s success and thus motivate them to give their best. Reward them generously for good work done and fast-track their progress in your company. This will help to save time for you while making optimum use of the available talent in your firm. 

Take Time to Relax

Don’t get too carried away by the burden of daily tasks, but devote enough time for rest and recreation and permit your employees also to do the same. Get plenty of exercises and sleep to maintain good health. This will help to reduce your stress levels so you’ll be fit and raring to go every day. 

About piLOBI

piLOBI is a competent visitor management system that you can deploy to improve the visitor management process in your company. Our software is easy to use yet effective and can help to boost the efficiency of your employees while enhancing security on your premises.

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