How Digital Reception Software Can Improve Visitor Experience?

Did you ever notice what exactly happens when a visitor arrives at your office? Who meets them first? How easy is it for a first time visitor to navigate in your office? Who is taking note of when someone enters the building and when exactly they leave? Do you have any idea how many people are coming to your office every day and for what purpose? And more importantly, is your front desk staff still dependent on a binder or an Excel spreadsheet for every visitor’s account? While the traditional method of keeping a register with an attached pen for sign-in & out is fading away, the businesses around you are swiftly upgrading to digital reception software. This innovative and contemporary system not only simplifies the entire process but also improves the quality of visitor experience.

This blog highlights what exactly is a digital reception and how implementing visitor management systems can have a positive impact on your business.

Digital Visitor Management System – How Does It Work?

Apart from the regular full-time employees, every office receives many other visitors every day. These visitors could be a job applicant, a client, a customer, a delivery agent or even a relative of any employee. It is of the utmost importance that everyone visiting the office are greeted and treated in an organized manner. What you do not want is a client waiting for 30 minutes or reaching out to the front desk staff thrice just to ensure the message of arrival reaches the concerned person. Therefore, companies are adapting to a more convenient and innovative method of handing over the entire process to a visitor management system.

In simple terms, the visitor software basically automates the whole tracking process of every third person entering the building. It offers smooth entry of your guests without human intervention and facilitates even smoother navigation, once they are inside.

Wondering how it all works? Well, a visitor arrives, fills details themselves on the digital screen, the system captures all details, host inside the building gets notified and the visitor seamlessly leaves the building after a successful meeting. Visitor experience software is the modern paperless, interactive and innovatively secure system that can help you improve the visitor experience and overall office management.

Features of Digital Reception Software

  • Brand impression and service – The first impression is truly the last impression. In this case, how a visitor is treated at the front desk can really define your business. For a potential client visiting your office, this is the moment your pitch actually starts. Features like customized visitor information and pre-approved entry can really create a favorable brand impression to last long.
  • Faster Check-in and Check-outs – Having a digital system in place drastically reduces the overall time taken in entry and exit formalities. This is especially helpful when there are more than one visitors waiting at the front desk or situations where job interviews are being conducted and multiple job seekers are in the queue.
  • Instant Host Notification – A digital reception, after capturing the visitor details through digital check-in, can instantly notify the concerned host by an automated text or e-mail. This reduces the time taken in attending the visitor. The feature can also be utilized to notify an entire team in the case where visitors are to attend conferences or seminars.
  • Improved Security – The system captures every requisite visitor details such as name, company name (if any), email, an instantly clicked photo, purpose of visit and devices carried. This assists the security department in authenticating visitors using their credentials, blocking entry of authorized visitors and barring miscreants.
  • Visitor’s Directory – One of the most significant aspects of using a digital visitor system is the creation of a vast visitor directory. Such a database can help you in facilitating repeat visitor an easy check-in and check-out service. Visitors such as a contractor or an interviewee coming for the second round of discussion can have a simple entry or exit formality since there are will already be available in the system.

In this digital age, when every aspect of doing business is getting digital, you cannot really afford to keep the facility and security operations far behind. Getting digital reception software not only improves customer experience but also benefits the company in administration tasks, which includes an organized report for ease in monthly visitor analysis.

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