How to Build Better Relationships with your Visitors at the Workplace?

It is important for businesses to create favorable first impressions on their visitors, guests, partners, clients, and other people who come to their premises. The best part is it is not difficult to do so. You can invest in an efficient reception management system to streamline the visitor management process in your company. If nobody attends a visitor and they are neglected, they’ll leave your office with a bad impression which can impact your firm’s image.

How to Impress Your Visitors

A good lobby management system can help to automate digital reception at your office. This will enable your staff to create a favorable first impression that can be leveraged to build closer relationships with your client-visitors. In this way, you can develop a profitable long-term connection with them. For this, it is important to go beyond short-term goals and look at the bigger picture.

Prevent Traffic at the Front Desk

An important visitor may leave if they notice heavy traffic at your reception especially if they have critical work to attend to. You can prevent this unfortunate occurrence with a capable visitor registration system that swiftly identifies the guests, prints out their badge, and guides them to the meeting room with the host.

Automate Manual Tasks

Automate your digital reception process to enable your staff to focus on impressing and delighting your visitors. The reception management system can take care of visitor sign-in, paperwork completion, and notifying the host. Thus, the lobby management system can help to save time for both your staff and visitors, and delight your guests with the fast and simple sign-in procedure. Guests will appreciate this competent visitor registration system especially if they are used to time-consuming paper processes at other companies.

Make Your Visitor Feel like a VIP

Utilize pre-registration to make your guests feel important even before they reach your premises. Pre-registration simplifies visitor management and will tell your guest that your firm cares about them and their time. Utilize a software tool that can send information like hostname, meeting details, and directions to your visitors and host before the guest arrives.
Plus, the platform will pre-fill this data when the visitor arrives to sign-in to expedite the process. The guest will simply need to sign the NDA and go to their arranged meeting location.

Prioritize Important Visitors

Your front-desk staff should give priority to important visitors and clients, and give them special treatment. This will help your firm to build closer relationships with these crucial people. General public who come to your office to request donations or sell something can be put in the background and preference should be given to the main guests.

Streamline Badge Printing

The visitor registration system can automate badge printing by creating a badge quickly with the guest’s name, the date and time, and the hosts’ name. Your staff will thus be able to identify visitors from their badge and provide them assistance if required. The software can help your security staff to view in real-time all the current registered visitors on the premises. This feature can prove critical if an emergency situation arises.

Improves Security

A lobby management system can aid to enhance security at your workplace. An industry report indicates that about 2 million Americans suffer incidents of office violence every year, which includes intimidation, harassment, and physical threats and attacks. Therefore, your business can no longer depend on inefficient paper-based processes to protect your staff, visitors, and property.
A resourceful reception management system can help you to maintain security while delighting your visitors at the same time with speed and convenience. The platform can instantly alert you about unwanted guests so you can take immediate measures to bar their entry.

Make them Return for More

Businesses should make it a priority to deliver an excellent visiting experience for their guests. You can combine timeless practices like professionalism and etiquette with new technology such as a visitor registration system to provide a positive visitor encounter every time. Create a secure, personal, and efficient first impression so that your guests feel like coming back to your office again for more pleasant experiences.

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piLOBI is a popular visitor management software solution that can help you to streamline and secure your guest management process. Contact us today for more information and we will assist you to effectively deploy our platform in your company to boost efficiency and security.

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