12 Steps to Enhance the Visitor Experience at Every Workplace

If you think about the last time you had a bad visitor experience while visiting a facility, ask yourself why you felt unsafe giving away information at the front desk. Recall the experience where you had to sit alone for several minutes in a conference hall without any communication. If you have had any such experience, then your impression of the organization and its visitor management system would be substandard already.

A visitor’s experience of visiting your company begins the moment they enter through the doors of your office. It should be noted that a negative visitor experience can hurt your company in numerous ways including not getting the right employees to not getting the right clients.

Though there is no need to worry as improving the visitor management experience for your company is simple. We’ll show you how:

1. Streamlining the Check-in Process

Gone are the days of queuing up and waiting for hotel and airport check-ins. We live in an evolving society and it needs a modern check-in solution. Individual kiosks with iPads or tablets having visitor management software connected to the central database can make life easier for your clients. They will act like self-service check-in kiosks, usually available at airports.

2. Streamlining your Security

It should be noted that in this age of identity theft, mass violence and improvised crimes, the simple pen and paper sign security won’t work when it comes to protecting your clients, employees, and other office staff.

Maintaining traditional security without making it inconvenient for your client is a challenge in itself. Modern technology will ease the process and help you out with that.

3. Consistent Etiquettes of your Receptionist

It is said that receptionists are the first and the last ambassadors of an organization; nothing could be true enough. The receptionists of your company have the power to make or break the impression of your company in front of the visitors and it is for this reason you need to ensure that your receptionists are properly trained when it comes to handling important people.

So, employing a digital receptionist will not only reduce the need for additional workers but it will also function as a pre-trained receptionist that handles the visitors the way you want it to.

4. Pre-Visit Communication

The way you communicate with your visitors even before you have met them is as important as your communication with them in person. It is ideal to start building relations even before they have entered the building. Pre-visit communication can go a long way in creating flourishing business relationships.

5. Wayfinding Software

We all use Maps for navigating through the busy streets of our cities every day. But have you ever wondered the impression it would make on a visitor if you integrate a wayfinding software with your present visitor management system?

It will ensure that your guests never get lost and also reduce the requirement of employees to guide the visitors. The process for anyone new to find their way through the building/s would be smooth.

6. Automated Reception

Another revolutionary technology that has the potential to increase user experience by manifolds is the automation of reception or digital reception. Digital reception can be the next big thing in the industry as it eliminates interaction with a person on the reception, ensuring greetings free from any human error.

7. Put your Visitor Management Kiosks in Front or at the Centre of the Reception Hall

Putting your visitor management kiosks either in front or at the centre of the reception hall eliminates the need for asking the directions. It makes the process of check-ins easier even for those who are new to the surroundings.

8. Set Up Message Forwarding

Integrate message forwarding with your visitor experience software so that in case of an emergency or a meeting when the primary contact of your client is not available, you can simply message his secondary contact and be assured that he gets the message.

9. Enabling Use Copy Function

Enabling use copy function can help guests lost at a conference or gathering to find their way easily through the assistance of a virtual receptionist.

10. Give your Guests a Comfortable Place to Wait

If a guest needs to wait until the manager arrives, the waiting area allotted should be comfortable and engaging enough so that the guest doesn’t feel out of place.

11. Put Engaging Stuff in your Premium Waiting Area

You can put engaging stuff such as a gaming console and a free food vending machine in the waiting room reserved for your premium guests so that they can keep themselves engaged and happy.

12. Build a Separate Guest Internet Wifi Network for Guests

Having a separate internet network to offer your guests seems like a thoughtful act. In the modern-day everything is done through the internet and giving your guests access to it will only strengthen your impression in front of them.


Taking care of visitor experience in your office is a top priority in the professional world and piLOBI can help provide the needed services with its excellent visitor management system. piLOBI’s software integrates with your office setting in a way that it represents the office culture and ensures the best visitor experience services.

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