The 3C’s of Enhancing The Guest Experience

Be it at a hotel or a resort, it is essential for the staff to make sure they prioritize the needs and comforts of the guest first. It is important the guest leaves the hotel with good memories of the place so that they continue to visit and spread the word. It is a win-win situation for both the guest and the hotel. There are, however, a number of factors that go into enhancing the experience of the guests when they stay at a hotel. The entire process of enhancing guest experience can be summed up using the three C’s i.e. convenience, consistency, and control. 


There is a reason that people like staying in hotels and resorts now and then. That reason can be summed up using one word – convenience. Convenience, in turn, enhances the comfort of the guests staying at your hotel. But what differentiates the comfort of the guests’ homes from that they bask in while in your hotel? It is the ease of access. A hotel should be like a well-oiled machine. Every action should be pre-emptive so that you almost seem clairvoyant. And while this might be impossible with just human support, with the help of a visitor management system, like piLOBI’s, that tracks the visitors and their needs and preferences. This data lets you predict the guests’ needs when they make a return and helps you give them a personalized experience. And one should never underestimate the power of a personalised experience. Everyone likes feeling special, especially the guests who visit your resorts or hotels. 


When it comes to guest experience, consistency is perhaps one of the most important things. If you are designing a space that keeps track of customer needs and preferences using a visitor experience software, you need to be careful about covering all the bases. Once you set the customer’s expectations, they will continue to look forward to special treatment in the smallest experiences. If you miss out on these opportunities, you might end up losing brownie points. Thus, you need to be consistent everywhere. From the greeting at the door, to the design of the room to the quality of the food you serve. It is better to be good in all of those aspects than being excellent in one and failing to meet expectations in all other sectors. 

One of the best ways to make guests comfortable is to curate a meticulously planned experience which simultaneously makes them feel in control. Such an experience would require the management to be aware of every moving part, but also while providing enough space for guests to relax, sit back and make their own decisions.  

As swift as the team at hand has to be with each demand, it would also be necessary for them to know what the needs of the guests are. A visitor management software helps in recording, and then cataloging, profiling and managing such needs of guests so that specific services can be provided swiftly and efficiently. This instantaneous service creates a seamless experience that appears completely in control of the guest. 

In essence of keeping up a consistently controlled and seamless experience, there has to control over all sections of the management from the minute someone steps into the establishment. From the beginning, the entire process should seem like a breeze and it doesn’t necessarily need to be a problem for management either. Something as simple as a visitor check in system could cut down on the time, pretend human errors and any hassle for someone looking for a break. 


When managing a hotel, you are offering customers an experience, a feeling that will color their memories for a long time and help you grow your organic reach. And you can do all of this and more by choosing the support of a visitor registration system like piLOBI’s. 

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