How Gated Communities can Benefit from Visitor Management System?

What is the Need for Visitor Management in Gated Communities?

In the modern-day residences, Visitor management has become an important part of security. A gated community is a form of a residential community which is highly secured and contains strict entrance controls. Visitors in a Gated Community can be in the form of hawkers, suppliers, residents, maintenance staff, helpers, government officers, guests, and even at times strangers. Moreover, their purpose of arrival may differ drastically. Some may have access to only the reception area, while some may be allowed to enter VIP areas. Some may be part of the internal staff or the community itself, while others may be external parties. Some may spend days and weeks in there, while others may come by daily for short periods. In such a diverse arena, it becomes the duty of the security to keep an eye on the whereabouts of all these visitors. But this can be a very tedious task. This calls for Visitor Management Systems to help maintain security easily and efficiently.

What do we know about Visitor Management Systems?

The diverse variety of visitors in buildings like a hotel, a hospital, a mall, a law firm, an office building, or even in Gated Communities calls in for a system that helps to automatize the security in a way to address all the visitor concerns like keeping track of the visitors and the material they carry, in a systematic way and without compromising hospitality and visitor experience. Such a system is called Visitor Management System. A visitor management software helps in creating such a system. They help in tracking the visitor usage of a public building or site by gathering increasing amounts of information. Visitor Management Softwares can record the usage of the facilities or buildings by specific visitors and provide detailed documentation of visitor’s whereabouts.

Gated Communities and Visitor Management Systems: The Benefits

Gated Communities are a modern solution to the security needs of residence. The major aim of such communities is to safeguard the busy access points into the community in a way to guard the community against potential threats to the families and homes of the residents. When it comes to Gated Communities, safety is of the utmost importance, and so, the security teams need a solution that is both fast and reliable. Manual visitor screening may lead to faults and at times negligence. Moreover, it may also become a bit embarrassing for the visitors. However, a smart Visitor Management System can provide the security staff the ability to quickly screen visitors, workers, and delivery persons entering the neighborhood. These systems can also be customized according to the residents’ Watch Lists and VIP Lists. Thus, they offer a great visitor experience along with security. One can also screen visitors especially strangers against a criminal database. This way every visitor to the neighborhood is logged in and screened and a permanent record is generated in the visitor database for future reference. Residents can also receive text messages and/or emails about the arrival of their guests and they can in return text or email their acceptance to the gate guard.

Features to be looked for in a Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System comes stacked with loads of unique features. Some of these are essential and common to all irrespective of the brand. These may include the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to scan visitor IDs, photo capturing, using the Internet of Things (IoT) to adjust the light and temperature in the adjacent meeting room, etc. These are discussed in detail below:
Instant Notifications: the visitor management system uses an automated notification system which helps the host to know about the visitor’s presence in the office the moment they arrive and fill up the required information in the software.
Team messaging: automated notifications are also available for teams. You can customize the settings and choose who can receive the messages in the team.
Customized visitor check-in: with a digital visitor management software, you can find all the different types of visitors or add each type from your dashboard to the Visitor Management System.

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