Modernizing Your Front Desk With Robust Visitor Management Solutions

An organized digital framework is the solution to a well-integrated visitor management system. This technology not only saves time but modernizes the registration services for all customers. 

AI-based visitor management is not only a compact solution but also requires 0-contact communication options for receptionists and front-desk workers. In the modern era, paper-based log-book entries can be tedious as well as lacking in security. Instead, a cloud-based data storage system is reliable, data-friendly, and accessible from all places, anytime.  

By using automation, you can maximize your business’ productivity, while ensuring safety standards for your customers as well as employees. In recent times, touchless-technology for front-desk workers is perfect to maintain the safety standards for their health. The front desk visitor management solutions are ideal for assigning the registration task to the customers, helping front-desk workers to observe entrances of registered and new clients. 

Here is how automated visitor management can be helpful for your business’ front desk operations:

Efficient Check-ins:

Reception-area check-ins require customer sign-in and verification. With the visitor management system, visitors can utilize the front-desk kiosks or store applications to initiate registration. Doing so can notify hosts through e-mail or SMS about the customer or client’s presence inside the building. 

The technical benefits of a self-check-in are fruitful in saving time and money on paper sign-ins and formalities. Automated check-ins also allow for pre-registration, with allotted time for meetings. Your customer will be able to come in and scan their provided QR-code for sign-in at the kiosk. 

Doing so reduces the front desk worker’s responsibility to skim through paper documents and verify the registration. 

Complete and Compact Visitor Data:

An efficient visitor management software can capture facial images, review the client’s signature and documents before allowing access post-registration. 

Cloud-based data storage adds such data into individual customer portals that you can access to review and assess for the business. And when it comes to personal data, you can always trust an online portal’s authenticated safety over paper-documents that can go into the wrong hands. 

Loyal customers can also use their previously issued ID to sign in, reducing the work time, and completing their chores quicker. 

Complete Dashboard Access:

A live dashboard will help you assess the visitor log book information from anywhere and anytime. Doing so helps in keeping track of new visitors in the business as well as pre-registered clients. 

The dashboard provides all the information regarding every client from every store chain that you own. You can access these data through the company’s cloud-storage and utilize it to improve your services. The details on the cloud-based dashboard contain compact and useful details that can help you identify and recognize the visitors for future references. 

You will also be able to keep a tab on their check-in and check-out timings, helping understand the quality of your customer service. 

Touchless Interaction:

An innovative visitor management software will allow you to opt-in for touchless interaction. In modern times, contact-spread of germs has taken over the health concerns of many. And contact tracing is possible through registration on paper. Keeping your employees’ health and safety in mind, you can choose contactless interaction. 

An Automated management system can scan facial features, review contact information such as signatures and approve the overall registration process. This also makes the checkout process quicker, without needing to interact with anyone on the way. 

Compliance Security:

A loyal customer would wish for data security as their personal information, including signature and financial details (for payments), are in your hands. And with proper visitor management choices, you can ensure the safety of the clients’ details by securing your compliance operations. 

Cloud-based data storage provides encrypted safety from third-party access, making sure to retain customer information away from phishing sites and hackers. The one-click digital record access remains with you and other management professionals under your trust. Hence, the visitor management system can improve overall security while bringing in high-quality front desk reception services at your company.


piLOBI is a popular and trusted seamless security service and visitor management software, aiming at modifying your customer services through technological advancement. The platform provides complete safety in allowing authorized and registered visitors, thereby ensuring safety for your company and the employees.

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