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4 Reasons to Hire a Digital Receptionist

Businesses across the globe have experienced a huge shift in terms of servicing their visitors. The culture today is a lot more different than it was just 5 years ago. Flexibility, optimum & quick services, and availability are all the factors that contribute to smooth operations and customer servicing. Hence, meeting customer expectations is no longer a walk in the park.

Robust solutions are required to meet customer demands and expectations in today’s world. Businesses have adapted to this need by incorporating digital reception software into their operations. Digital receptionists have become a very common commodity for businesses, and rightly so. They come with various benefits and ensure seamless operations with time-saving tendencies. Let’s take a deep dive into the reasons why you should definitely hire a digital receptionist.


Digital Receptionist – What is it?


A digital receptionist is a software that is deployed in devices called kiosks, which takes care of the various duties of a receptionist, like logging entries, performing visitor check-ins, offering documentation, issuing & printing visitor badges, and much more. This helps businesses in optimizing their visitor management, and ensuring that the visitors don’t face any issues during their check-in process.


Major Benefits of Digital Receptionist

There is a reason why digital receptionists have become such hugely popular and in-demand. There are many reasons to hire a digital receptionist, but we have highlighted the top 4 reasons which are good enough to convince any business to hire one”

  1. Say Goodbye to Queues


If you go by the traditional method of checking in the visitors, it usually takes about 3-4 minutes for a receptionist to complete it. However, with a touchless visitor management system, there is a significant reduction in the time of checking-in. Visitors can conveniently post their arrival with their details before even arriving on the premises. This helps in eliminating the lobby waiting time for the visitors. Moreover, since they have already entered the required details for checking-in beforehand, they can just walk up to the reception, verify their data, and move on with their day!


Preventing crowding or long lines in the reception areas is a huge draw for any business, as it attracts more visitors due to seamless operations. Moreover, digital receptionists also save a lot of time of the reception staff, which gives them the opportunity to focus on their other duties.


  1. Streamlined Planning


Digital reception software is a cost-effective and streamlined method for operations. The reception staff going by the traditional method of pen and paper has to spend a lot of man-hours in filling in the entries, maintaining the logbooks, and cross verifying data. However, a digital receptionist takes care of all of this for the staff. This means that the staff can be more productive, and focus on other tasks at hand. 


The digital receptionist software also stores the data securely, and conducts a comprehensive analysis of the visitor data to provide you with valuable insights into the visitors’ minds. It helps the operations and the reception staff in your business to make more accurate and informed decisions for visitor management. Moreover, these reports also help businesses in making future projections about visitor activity and identifying the areas in their operations they can improve upon. This can help you in ensuring that the right resources are present at the right places and the right time for exceptional visitor management.


  1. It is a Greener Option


We all know the impact of climate change on the environment. Cutting down the cost of stationery, which includes paper, logbooks, registers, and much more to zero is a cost-effective way, but it is more importantly a greener way. Digital receptionists operate digitally and stores the data in the same medium. All the documents like NDAs, compliances, legal forms, certificates, etc., and all the visitor data like personal details, check-in time, activities on-premises, etc., is stored digitally.


This also facilitates the staff in skipping the mind-numbing paperwork to access documents or forms or visitor data for operational purposes. Businesses can save a lot on their carbon footprint and costs by employing a digital receptionist.


  1. Immaculate Security


 Physical threats are as dangerous as cyberthreats. CCTV cameras, security guards, etc., are conventional methods, that are necessary but don’t exactly ensure optimum security. To stay ahead of the curve, avoiding the threat of an entry in any area without authentication is a much better approach. Visitor management software are very integral in making sure that there is no unauthorized entries in any area of your establishment. On-site security in the form of a VMS comes with a digital receptionist, which keeps track of all the visitor activities on-[remises, thus ensuring that no person can cause any harm to the organization by going undetected.

Application Value of Hiring a Digital Receptionist


In-house or full-time receptionists have a lot of responsibilities, as they don;t just take care of the visitors, but also have to coordinate with the staff. This is why their employment can be very costly for businesses. Having a digital receptionist ensures that all the mechanical and repetitive tasks are conveniently handled through automation, so the actual staff gets more time to dedicate in better servicing. 


The software is also customizable, which means that it can be adjusted to any type of operational tasks in your business. The subscription charges for a digital receptionist software are also nominal compared to a full-time receptionist. Therefore, it is only practical for businesses to hire a digital receptionist.




The benefits of hiring a competent digital receptionist are evident from the aforementioned points. Investing in a digital reception software is the most practical approach a business can take. It increases your staff’s productivity, reduces costs, makes the process more efficient and quicker, streamlines operations, and much more. Getting a customizable digital receptionist software like piLOBI can significantly help your business in increasing productivity, and achieving optimum visitor satisfaction scores. If your business hasn’t invested in one yet, it is about time you get one and get a slice of time and cost-saving solutions.

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