Creating Visitor Experience: 3 Strategies for B2B Enterprises

With over 90% of the data having been produced and captured in the last three years only, the age of digitization has proven itself to be a brand new industrial revolution. Technological advancements have made their way into every industry across the globe, and the process of catering to visitors has taken a huge turn as compared to the traditional methods.

Visitor experience has become more relevant now than ever before. The traditional approaches of marketing and servicing the visitors are no longer as effective as they were 5 years ago for B2B businesses. Visitor management systems have seen a huge surge in demand for enterprises and B2B businesses because of the accessibility and convenience they provide. 

Now, with visitor management becoming increasingly essential for B2B businesses, offering a superior visitor experience has become a cat and mouse chase between the competitors in the same domains. Each B2B business is trying to outshine the other to attract more visitors. Hence, B2B enterprises and businesses have to step up their game in building competent strategies with the use of tools like visitor management software for enterprises. Let’s take a deep dive into what these strategies are and how they can come to fruition.

Preparing Resources Before Planning:

To put it in a more visual sense, if you go bungee jumping, you don’t just jump with the rope to measure it. You measure the rope and then put it to use. Here, the rope is the asset, and testing its length is the preparation.

Similarly, the visitors are your enterprises’ assets, but the insights gained from data collected from them is preparation. 

The first and foremost part of preparing to generate plans for your visitors is assessing the B2B transformation in your industry, and understanding the visitor journey a modern visitor expects out of your enterprise. A modern visitor first becomes aware of your enterprise, puts in some research into the services you provide, considers if it is the best fit for them, and only then goes ahead with purchasing. This is where a smart visitor experience software for enterprises can come into play to provide a seamless experience for visitors. 

Preparing to meet the needs of the visitors is a four-step process:

  1. Seeing
  2. Thinking
  3. Doing
  4. Caring

Observing the visitor journey, thinking about ways to improve it, implementing the changes, and still addressing their feedback after the aforementioned steps is what makes preparation complete, and your enterprise qualifies enough to move forward with the planning stage.

Planning According to the Marketing Landscape:

Understanding the marketing landscape is another way to improve visitor experience for your enterprise. By assessing your visitors’ persona, you can create multiple workflows that can help you identify the types of visitors, their purpose, and how to successfully cater to their needs.

One major way this can be done is by implementing a visitor management system on your B2B enterprise website or premises. This can help your enterprise in gaining some valuable insights into the visitor journeys, and help you in identifying areas with the scope for improvement, whether major or minor. Then, you can assess how your competition is battling the same problem statement to identify the landscape and plan accordingly as to how to make it a marketing opportunity.

Resolving the weak areas in a visitor journey, while convenient for visitors, isn’t a big attraction for a modern visitor. However, what is attractive for a modern visitor is enterprises taking their feedback into consideration and presenting a “showing, not telling” approach to heed to their grievances. This helps B2B enterprises in generating potential leads, retention of visitors, and generating demand.

Efficiently Executing Plans – Easier Said Than Done:

After you’re done with the aforementioned strategy, it’s time to put all the accumulated data into use. The first step is to match your long-term goals as an enterprise with the top competitors in your domain, as your ultimate aim is to surpass them. After this, you can test your plans with a test audience, make the required tweaks needed to refine the plan, and then implement the plan in its full effect.

Visitor experience is an ambiguous phenomenon in today’s day and age. It keeps evolving and is never streamlined. Hence, enterprises should be prepared to make the needed changes in their customer experience strategies to ensure that the demands never outdo the supply capabilities. 


Now that you are aware of some of the best strategies you can adapt to successfully create a brilliant visitor experience, you can leverage the power of visitor management systems like piLOBI to put the strategies in effect.

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