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Digital Reception System: One Stop solution With Automated Self Check-ins

The digital reception system for automated check-ins is not only secure but also safe in the present times that vouch for contactless services. 

These automated services not only maximize efficiency but also work towards the security of customers and employees. The digital reception system is all about easing the workload on front-desk workers who provide registration services to new visitors. 

In recent times, you might wish for safer service options for your employees as well as the customers’ safety. And contactless services are the new solution to pandemic-riddled issues. And with cloud-based digital reception software, you can bring in safety at your workplace, encouraging a 0-contact or interaction-based registration kiosk system. 

There are multiple benefits of digital reception, such as:

Instant Notification:

Instant notification from the reception area is only possible with the digital reception solutions. Real-time host notifications can help you prepare for customers visiting your kiosk or work area. 

Automatic notifications are available through SMS, emails, and many other sources, providing live updates on a customer’s whereabouts post-registration. Digital receptions thus help front-desk workers by limiting their physical interaction with visitors by removing the need for pens, papers, touchpads, or any other contact-based communication system. 

Touchless Management System:

Touchless digital reception will help your employees follow social distancing protocol when handling clients at the registration kiosks. 

Through the advanced technology of cloud-based data storage software, visitors can access the registration panels with the help of OTP’s and QR-code scanning. 

The process involves:

  • A visitor first enters the building and checks in through their device. 
  • The kiosk then displays a QR-Code that the visitor can scan or text on their phone for scan for confirmation. 
  • After check-in confirmation, the automated reception system notifies those inside the building through SMS, calls, or emails. 
  • After their work, the visitor leaves and signs out notifying their out-time on the cloud-storage. 

Health Regulation:

Kiosk tablets on the reception desk can be the carrier of various germs through multiple touches. This can lead to both employees and customers falling sick through daily contact-based interaction. 

The solution to this would be through the digital reception system. Touchless check-ins can keep workplace productivity high while ensuring a healthy professional atmosphere. 

The front desk worker can carry on with his job safely without having to fear contact germs and risking health at the workplace. Moreover, digital reception is a sanitary option over pen and paper which passes from one hand to another.

Contact Tracing:

Contact tracing for germs, and in present times the coronavirus strain has become the focal point of social distancing. 

As various businesses are reopening their services to the public, the demand for contact-less front-desk services is growing exponentially. 

With the help of touch-less check-ins and check-outs, you can access the visitor log to sanitize the workplace as frequently as possible. This also applies to employees who need to card-in and out at work. Contactless reception services can update employee information and visitor’s updates without having to update through a tablet pad at the front desk. 

Branded Automated Self-Check-ins:

The modern touch-free visitor management system and digital reception solutions can intrigue and impress your visitors, old and new. 

It also serves as a perfect first impression for businesses looking to invest in your brand and services. Self check-ins are now in rage due to their complete security protocol. 

Additionally, the digital reception system vouches for customer and client information safety protocol, providing end-to-end encryption that keeps data away from hackers. Hence, digital receptions can also help with brand promotion, bringing in business from brands looking for employee and service safety. 

Online Directory Availability:

The digital reception system also comes with an in-built directory containing visitor information that you can utilize to improve your customer service. 

These can be of help with interviewees and contractual managers from other potential partnership companies, by reviewing their previous check-in information. You can cut back on their formal registration for future visitations through utilizing the date for their identity badges or QR-code system. 


For your company, piLOBI’s digital reception software system would be the perfect investment to ensure safety and employee security. piLOBI will guarantee complete digital reception coverage for front-desk workers, reducing their workload, and improving overall safety protocol.

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