5 Benefits of a Visitor Management System to the Logistics Industry

Most of the businesses today are highly dependent on the synergistic efficiency of various departments to achieve the utmost effectiveness. If we look at it maybe there is no industry other than the transport industry which is dependent on this collaborative relationship than transportation and logistics. Customer service, risk management, adherence to leveraging innovative technological solutions are the key challenges which this industry faces on a day to day basis. When it comes to this a lot of companies are looking forward to a visitor tracking system. But how will this system help the logistics industry? Let us look at this briefly

1.Centralization and Security of Visitor Entry Path:

The visitor register system comes hand in hand with centralizing your entry points. If you are wondering why, it is because it is very critical for monitoring the entry path of your visitor.
A proper balance needs to be maintained between security and convenience for both the internal employees as well as the guests coming into the building or facility. Usually business just has a central entry point for the guests entering the building, but for transport and logistics, it is different because it will be convenient to have multiple entry points. A visitor register system will centralize this and maintain a record of all the visitors who have entered the premises even if there are multiple entrances to your facility.

2.Speedy and Easy Creation of a Visitor ID Badge:

When it comes to the transport and the logistics industry there are a lot of people who are working on contracts and hence it is difficult to maintain a tab of these people as they are changing from time to time. For this reason, it becomes mandatory to have a visitor badge system in place because it will help in spotting the unauthorized as well as the authorized guests which are on your premises. The visitor badge system will instantly print a badge with the name, photo of the visitor, visitor type plus the date and time of the check-in. This will ensure that the security of your premises stays intact and you are aware of each and every person who is on your premises. In case of any theft or mishaps, it will be easier to track down the people on the premises.

3.Optimization of your Delivery Policy:

There are a lot of deliveries and dispatches which go on in a day when it comes to the logistics industry. Often the drivers get stuck waiting for a loading dock space. To prevent this from happening, it is best to have the deliveries scheduled in advance so that there are no visitors entering into your premises. With a visitor identification system it becomes easy to schedule your deliveries because you can pre-register the guests and facilitate more efficient guest flow. Your guests can check-in as soon as they arrive and the person in charge for the delivery can be automatically prompted by the system without the need for the front desk officer to inform them, in case there is any guest for them.

4.Emergency Evacuation is Well Handled:

Potentially dangerous equipment, as well as hazardous substances, can be found all around when we talk about transportation and logistics companies. This is risky and can pose a great threat to the visitors when it comes to an emergency evacuation. Thus it becomes very important to have an evacuation plan for the guest in case there is an emergency that arises. The biggest challenge which the companies face in emergency situations is to count all the guests who are on the premises.
One of the biggest challenges companies encounter during these emergency scenarios is how to account for all of your guests. This challenge can be easily overcome by a visitor tracking system. A visitor check-in portable system is available where you can keep real-time records during emergency situations.

5.Storage of Guest Information:

Transport and logistics companies have a lot of people visiting their premises on a daily basis, be it for delivery or loading or any other operational activities. It is necessary to maintain the data of all of these visitors for future references. Data collection and filing can be a tedious procedure for most of the businesses when it comes to physical materials or manual processes. However, with a visitor registration system, you can keep visitor sign-in logs as well as agreements for occasional audits without worrying that they may be damaged or lost. The guest information is safely stored in the cloud which is safe from calamities like fire and floods. It will also save a lot of time when you want to look for any particular record for your reference. Instead of going through a logbook, you will be able to easily fetch the data from the cloud.


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