How Collaboration Technologies Can Help Improve Productivity

What is Collaborative Technology?

The term collaboration means integration. In the fast and ever-growing business world, collaborations play a vital role. At every point of time, we have collaborations taking place in the business world, be it with customers or colleagues or partners. The term emphasizes on the act of working together, as a team to bring out a positive outcome as a result of collaboration.

With the advent of Information technology, various collaborations technologies have been introduced in the business world that brings up an entire new gateway to interact with one another, which was previously not existent. Companies in this era deal with massive competition from other competitor companies. To lead the way, it is essential to make the best use of the company’s resources and workforce for the company’s growth.

The business goals can be easily achieved with the help of collaborative techniques that boost the processes of the workflow. These collaborative platforms help employees interact with each other, not in the traditional ways of discussing work but actually implementing ideas and techniques in work processes.

1. Customizing your Work

Collaborative tools allow you to create your own meeting notes as well as plan marketing techniques and policies. They effectively promote efficient meeting management system. You can customize your own templates and add attachments such as images, videos and make your work-life interactive.

Newly launched businesses and startups look for solutions that help them create an efficient and interactive workforce that promotes innovative ideas and increased productivity. All of the above can be achieved while using today’s collaborative technologies along with staying within their budgets.

2. Managing Workforces

A company has several incoming and outgoing visitors every day at the workplace. Using an effective visitor management system can regulate the flow of visitors with an automatic log maintained. The requirement for the manual workforce is reduced and the need for front-desk staff is eliminated. Such collaborative tools can automate the processes with the help of digital reception. This is an effective solution to small premise offices where there is compact physical space.

3. Organizing your Work

Employees can waste endless hours of crucial work time in offices looking for important documents and information. Collaboration tools ease the searching for documents or records by grouping them in specific spaces. They have powerful search options that allow employee access to these folders. It reduces the overall time in searching for particular logs and hence enhances productivity. Team workers can use the platform for sharing updates and setting up a meeting management system.

4. Instant Updates

Effective collaboration tools include quick updates and notifications in terms of important events or meetings. In the case of a visitor management system, the underlying software instantly sends automated information about the visitors in the form of email, SMS, thus informing the staff. On the response from the staff, meetings with the visitor can be set-up. This feature of collaborative tools eliminates waiting time and thus increases the efficiency of the process.

5. Increasing Reachability

If all the employees in an organization are connected via a common platform, it increases the reachability. The form of communication may be in the form of emails, SMS, calls or notifications. It helps the employees to stay connected and not miss important updates. It also updates employees on the visitor sign-in system and thus employees are aware of the guests/visitors visiting the company.

6. Automate Redundant Work

Companies these days come across many processes that can be easily automated that are out of the scope of expertise or simply redundant. Such content and tasks must be outsourced or automated rather than assigning them to employees with overhead workload or dedicated tasks. The visitor management system eliminates human interaction with digital reception, thus speeding up the process.

7. Focus on Developing Employee Skills

The time saved by avoiding the redundant work must be effectively used in training the employees. The environment should be challenging enough for the employees to take up new tasks and set goals. By encouraging and empowering employees, you not only

enhance your talent force and resources but also motivate them to stay with the company by offering them win-win situations.

8. Collaborating with Third-Party Tools

The company can benefit by integrating with the services offered by other companies. You can enhance the existing user experience of your product by collaborating with other services. For example, the visitor management system can be combined and interfaced with watchlists and access control solutions to enhance existing security.

About piLOBI

piLOBI is an effective visitor management system that can be deployed at various business sites, offices, hospitals, etc. It eases the visitor management system with automated processes and digital reception and simplifies the visitor management processes. Our product is simple and user-friendly. It can be easily deployed and used by employees. To know more, visit our company’s website or contact us and we will help you boost your company’s processes and productivity.


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