The Latest Features of Digital Visitor Management System

If you are looking to invest in a visitor management system for your company to facilitate digital reception, you need to be aware of the latest features this type of tool can offer. In this article, we help you by providing a detailed list of the latest and best functionalities of a quality visitor management software solution.

The implementation of GDPR regulations in 2018 has made organizations more aware of the need to maintain the safety and security of their employees, visitors, facilities, and data. You can make your company’s visitor management processes more secure, transparent, and efficient by buying and installing a good visitor management system. Make sure the software

Offers the Following Core Features:

Customize Sign-In Procedures

To meet GDPR requirements, companies need to change their data collection processes to enhance the importance of info requests. Conventional visitor management workflows will not be adequate in this case as there are high costs and tedious effort involved in creating, organizing, printing, and storing captured third-party information in on-site folders. It also increases the workload of the front desk and lobby employees as they have to perform these tasks manually.

The solution is to use a digital visitor management software solution that facilitates customizable sign-in processes for different types of visitors like guests, couriers, and interviewees. For instance, you can collect details from couriers such as their full name, company name, contact details, and delivery reference, and get their signature on mandatory NDAs. Interviewees can provide their hostname and position applied for, and get their photo captured to complete their sign-in procedure.

Pre-Book Guests

This feature is essential for companies that host regular conferences and events. It allows guests and visitors to perform pre-registration before arrival, which helps to drastically reduce the time they need to check-in. Further, the visitor management system can request exclusive reference numbers from the guests to ensure they are genuine parties.

Customize Guest Badges

The visitor management software can speed up digital reception by quickly printing customized ID badges for both pre-registered guests as well as those that sign-in on arrival. You can integrate the visitor management system with access control solutions so that visitors can scan their ID badges at control junctions to get access to authorized zones.

Signing of Mandatory Digital Forms

GDPR regulations have made companies aware of the need to safeguard their confidential data and deploy secure processes to prevent data leaks. Therefore, enterprises have started to incorporate solutions in their visitor management processes to protect their visitor data. Visitors now need to digitally sign legal forms, NDAs, and other mandatory documents before they can access an organization’s facilities. This method helps to boost data security and minimizes the manual work involved in the sign-in procedure.

Integration with Third-Party Programs

The visitor management system should seamlessly integrate with watchlists and access control solutions to improve security. In addition, you should be able to connect the visitor management software with internally used programs like Office 365 and DocuSign to create a better user experience for your employees.

Notifies Hosts Immediately

A good visitor management system instantly notifies the host about visitor arrival. When the guest signs in, the software sends automated notifications via email, SMS, and push alerts to inform the host. The host employee can respond by sending a message to the system to update the visitor if there will be a delay or immediately proceed to meet the guest.

In this way, the platform facilitates direct communication between the host and the visitor, and reduces waiting time for guests. This can help to boost the company’s image as visitors will understand that it cares about their time and comfort.

Detailed Reporting Provides Insights

The visitor management system can generate detailed reports that include valuable information such as guest type, name, entry and departure times, and access authorization info. Managers, receptionists, and security personnel can use these reports to spot data patterns. For instance, facility managers can learn about peak hours for visitor traffic to identify areas that need extra resources to deal with the increased footfall during those hours.

Provide a User-Friendly Experience

Advanced visitor management tools go beyond basic features and offer added robust tools that are yet simple to use. These solutions allow your company to include its brand color schemes and logos in the front-end to create a favorable impression on visitors. In addition, they provide fast, efficient, and simple user experiences by supporting multiple languages. This enables your organization to cater to the needs of visitors from multiple nations.

Global Scalability

Large enterprises should look for a visitor management software platform that can scale easily for their global requirements. To future-proof their investment, big organizations should install a system with rapid scalability and centralized database capabilities. They should purchase a cloud-based application that facilitates remote management and enables the company to enforce regional and global data policies as needed.

Achieve Legal, Safety, and Health Compliance

Each industry has its own exclusive regulatory frameworks and policies. Therefore, enterprises need to invest in a visitor management system that allows them to digitally capture and display essential information before permitting visitors to check-in. It is important to make each visitor sign required forms and agree to terms so that the company gets a detailed audit trail for internal investigations and compliance audits.

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piLOBI is a competent yet affordable visitor management software platform that can help to improve your firm’s digital reception and visitor management processes. Our solution is easy to learn and use with minimal training. Visit our website or contact us directly to understand how our effective system can boost your company’s efficiency and productivity.

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