High Security for Staff and Customers with Productive and Cost-Efficient Devices

It is important for businesses to secure their premises and facilities to ensure the safety of their employees, customers, and property. From CCTV cameras to desktops, companies shouldn’t shy away from spending on security systems and devices. They need to invest in cameras, sensors, alarms, as well as a quality visitor management system. Further, you can integrate the visitor sign-in system with an access control platform to efficiently manage all your security needs at your organization’s front desk or reception.

A quality reception management system can ensure only authorized visitors and guests are able to get access to your facilities. Your security staff would be able to immediately spot and evict unwanted parties. In this way, the lobby management system can help to boost security and safety, and also improve the efficiency and productivity of your employees. A capable visitor management system offers the following key features and benefits to your business:

Smooth Sign-In

Conventional visitor management methods involve paper-based processes handled by the security staff at the company’s reception area. This procedure is inefficient and can lead to long queues that cause visitor irritation and frustration. The solution is to use a modern visitor sign-in system to enable seamless check-in of several visitors is a quick time response without the need for supervision or assistance from security staff. This process enhances the guest experience as well as employee productivity as they can attend to more visitors without compromising on the security aspects.

Invites and Pre-Registration

With a reception management system, you can deliver invites to expected guests on their devices and pre-register their visit before the scheduled day of arrival. This method helps to save time for the guests on arrival as they can swiftly sign in and proceed to the meeting spot. Your staff can also use the saved time to focus on more important tasks that boost their productivity.

ID Badges

The lobby management system can print ID badges for visitors quickly that contain essential details about them along with their photos. This badge ensures your employees and security staff are easily able to notice visitors on the premises, which means guests would not be able to enter unauthorized areas without getting spotted. Thus, ID badges can help to boost security on your premises by facilitating effortless identification of visitors and guests.

Benefits of an Access Control System

Utilize an access control platform to boost security in your building premises. This application can help your security staff to monitor and manage access to printers, doors, etc. Thus, they’ll be able to prevent unauthorized access and use of office systems and facilities. A good access control system can protect important areas on your campus and building, and offers the following features:


Biometric measures provide almost fool-proof security and these techniques include hand geometry and retina and fingerprint scanning.

Contactless Readers

These include contactless smart cards that are easy to install and use. However, you’ll need to change the smart cards if you change your access control platform.

Electrified Locks

There are three main kinds of electrified locks which are electrified hardware, electromagnetic lock, and electric strike. Each one can be effortlessly installed on doorframes to boost security.

Warehouse Areas and Data Closets

Network security is vital and therefore access should be restricted to data closets, server rooms, as well as warehouse areas.

Accounting Areas

In addition, accounting and HR units host confidential data and therefore need adequate protection. Employees and visitors should be required to take needed permission to visit these two divisions.

Exterior Doors

Apart from the main gates of the building, exterior doors should also be secured. Employees should be allowed to utilize their ID badges to enter and exit the doors, or your firm can leverage a biometric scan facility. Visitors should be required to wear ID badges during their time on their premises to enable easy identification.

Main Gates

The access control platform can manage the building’s main gates remotely and open and close them as needed. These gates can also be opened and closed using specialized locks. Plus, your company should install surveillance devices such as CCTV cameras to keep tabs on those who enter and exit the main gates round the clock.

Protocols of an Access Control System

A quality access control platform utilizes 5 procedures: authentication, authorization, accessing, auditing, and management. The application uses detailed checklists to make sure each phase is cleared properly, assuring safety and efficient access to vital office areas.


Admins can provide the needed access level to users to any door that is linked to the controller and reader. They can use the admin dashboard to change or revoke an authorization if required.


When users try to open a door to which they’ve been given access, the door’s controller and reader utilize NFC or Bluetooth technology to verify the authorization and determine that the person has indeed been permitted to access that specific space.


After the user is authenticated via the cloud, the door is unlocked through a signal from the access control system. After the user enters the space, the door shuts and locks again. Users can enter locked spaces using their smartphone or any other device authorized and allowed by the admin.

Auditing and Management

A cloud-hosted access control platform makes it simple to remotely manage access as well as review the recorded information for each user and door in the application. Thus, your business can get a comprehensive audit trail for your security processes and systems.

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