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7 Benefits Provided by a Visitor Management System for Schools

Visitor management implies trailing the usage of a premise by the general public or by a non-employee. A visitor management system for a school takes note of the number of people visiting and leaving the school premises throughout the day. These systems are crucial in today’s age and serve the purpose of school safety and security. In the current times, these systems have aided and boosted up the level of security measures, pertaining to a school premise. Not only do the systems record the entry and exit time of an individual but also make available the detailed information and whereabouts of the person.

Benefits of Installing a Visitor Management System in School

To underline the significance of a visitor management system in school, this post explains the benefits which come along with a system as this.

Complete Information about the Credentials of the Visitor

An entry into the visitor management system jots down the complete information pertaining to the visitor. The system can have different ways in which it provides all the major details of the visitor, including his identity card issued and identified by the government. The school management, can thus, have complete data of everyone who visits and moves out of the school building.

Peace of Mind

There is no denying the fact that the visitor tracking systems can indeed provide immense peace of mind to all the people involved with the school; be it the parents, the students, the school staff and the higher authorities as well. With all this in place, everyone can heave a sigh of relief and be at peace in context to the security in the school vicinity. 

Discourages Dubious Entry

When a school has such a system in place right at the front gate of the school premises, this definitely facilitates to discourage any doubtful and dubious entities from entering the premises. 

Authorizes the Right People

With daily entries and records, a school can be sure of granting access only to the right people who need to visit the school. This highly eliminates any chances of an unfortunate event.

Quick Verification

A digital system means any data or information can be collected in a few moments. A quick view of the records and all the information is right in front of the school authorities. 

Easy to Identify Offenders Based on the Digital Entries:

 In cases where the school authority needs to verify the identity of an offender or recognize him, they can simply tally the entries and point out the offender. The system gives a lot of power to school to block the entries of such felons.

Quicker Access for the Authorized People

A school can also introduce smart cards for people like parents, teachers or people who frequently visit the school. This can save a lot of time and effort and can be a very quick process.

How Can a Visitor Management Software Elevate Security?

A visitor management software like piLOBI can help you in keeping the data related to all the visits intact. It even enables you to recall the history for reference anytime in the future. Apart from all the benefits enlisted, piLOBI’s visitor management system is the need of the hour for schools. In the wake of the crimes against young kids, it becomes a moral responsibility of the entire society to get a software in place which abolishes any chances of such crimes.

In the current scenario, when we are witness to a whole lot of crimes and violations, having a digital reception can prove to be instrumental in dissuading such activities and their probabilities. With increasing awareness and belief in taking strong measures to secure the school premises, a system which tracks the visitors and their details is receiving a warm welcome by the school authorities as well as the parents. It is because of these electronic management systems which have resulted in powerful and sturdy security control. 


Although there are no ways in which one can guarantee or predict the likeliness of occurrences in the future, piLOBI’s visitor management tool can effectively combat and control any untoward incidents in the school vicinity. As a matter of fact, there are still many administrations which still hang on to the old method of making entries on the paper or a record-book. Understanding the importance of a robust system which records the details of the visitors will pave the way for a safer and intact times to come.

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