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5 Ways piLOBI Can Increase the Level of Security at Your WorkPlace

Businesses and organisations have security as their main concern. They are displaying increasing concern over the control of visitors at their facilities. The conventional modes of visitor management employing a pen and manual guest logbooks have various flaws. For instance, the receptionist has to ask the visitor to enter the details in the paper log books. Also, visitors feel reluctant to enter the details in the log book owing to the privacy issue. The entered data can be viewed by anyone present in the facility. Apart from this, in a majority of cases, the information in logbooks happens to be false or illegible. 

Visitor management systems offer an effective means to authorise visitor entry in a workplace or a facility. Further, a visitor management system grants offices and workplace with a higher level of safety and security than with paper logs. There are many visitor management systems available, and you need to choose the best one for your enterprise needs. Among them, you can rely on piLOBI for efficient and affordable visitor management solutions. 

Digital Trumps Paper for Security:

With paper logs, there are higher chances of security breaches. The competitors can easily gain access to confidential information. Also, the physical log books can be lost, stolen or misplaced.  In the case of the piLOBI digital visitor management system, all the visitor details are stored in the encrypted cloud environment. The data can be easily retrieved anytime in case of need. The digital reception helps create a favourable impression on the visitor and thereby enhance brand reputation.

Private Visitor Records:

With paper visitor logs, there is an invasion of privacy. The visitor details are accessible to everyone entering and leaving the facility. Even, it gives an opportunity to your competitors to steal the information. With piLOBI visitor management software, it is never the case. The visitor sign-in software offers access only to authorised individuals and hence unauthorised persons cannot access the data. 

Captures Complete Visitor Details:

piLOBI captures the entire details of the visitors that include name, contact details, the name of the person they are going to visit and so on. Besides, the visitor sign-in software captures photo and the digital signature of the visitor. Hence, the system ensures that only verified persons are permitted to enter and wander in the facility.

Facial Recognition and Capture
Visitor Badges Account for Easy Identification:

After visitor completes the registration process, piLOBI facilitates printing of visitor badges containing the visitor details. The visitor badges help employees to easily identify the visitors present in the facility. The visitor badges also include visitor photo and digital signature. The visitor management system stores the photographic records of every visitor who visits the office or workplace. 

Live Dashboard for Efficient Monitoring:

An organisation or a business has several branches/ offices at multiple locations. Each location has multiple entry and exit points. piLOBI visitor management system features a live dashboard that lets you monitor the visitor details from a single location or dashboard. piLOBI offers a comprehensive view of visitor details and reports at multiple entry points in real-time.

Emergency Evacuation Management:

What if the visitors are trapped inside the facility during an emergency? One of the major challenges of any evacuation procedure would involve making sure that all the employees and guests are cleared out of the building immediately. With piLOBI, it is quite easy to send alerts to the visitors and employees residing in the facility via Email and SMS. Hence, VMS accounts for implementation of efficient emergency evacuation management strategies.


These are just a few ways by which a visitor management system improves the safety and security of the facility or a workplace. It is high time to bid farewell to the old fashioned visitor management and welcome the new digital reception. Recognising the value, a VMS offers to a facility, many businesses are now adopting VMS into their facility. A VMS not only serve to enhance the security but also enhance company brand and thereby the reputation.

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