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Why Every Facility Manager Needs a Visitor Management Tool?

These days security has been the top priority for every facility. The facility management has evolved as a rapidly developing sector in the past decade. In simpler terms, facility management is a professional discipline that is focussed to deliver effective support services for the organisation or facility. It is here the facility managers come into the picture. Facility managers play a prominent role in securing the enterprises all vulnerabilities. Apart from ensuring security, the managers have a wide variety of tasks related to a facility to tackle and address the day-to-day challenges. 

Roles and Responsibilities of a Facility Manager

  • Efficient management of facilities
  • Managing budgets
  • Reduction of operational costs
  • Management of staff
  • Ensure employees a safe place to work 
  • Monitoring building projects and renovations
  • Drafting reports and formulating recommendations

How Does a Visitor Management System help Streamline Visitor Flows?

A large facility or workplace often experiences a large flow of visitors entering the facility. The old fashioned modes of visitor management employing manual guest logbooks and receptionist are not enough to streamline visitor flows in the facility. As a result, there would be an accumulation of visitors at the entrances of the facility. Many visitors even are left wandering due to lack of communication. The visitor management system (VMS) is a useful tool when it comes to automating visitor check-ins and streamlining visitor flows. 

How Can Facility Managers Benefit from Upgrading to a Visitor Management Tool?

The facility managers can now leverage a visitor management system for streamlining visitor flows as well as save valuable time.  The VMS not only minimises the hardware requirements but also ensures streamlined visitor flows for secure check-in and check-out. The VMS also serves to enhance the front desk efficiency so that the reception staff can focus on creative ways to improve the visitor experience. Hence, organisations/businesses can employ a visitor management system like piLOBI to reap the benefits of VMS. Here are the benefits offered by the visitor management tool which assists every facility manager to ensure the smooth functioning of the facility.

1. Data Capture: 

A visitor management software captures comprehensive details of the visitors including the name, contact details, photograph, digital signature. Hence, the VMS permits only authorised visitors to enter into the facility. Further, the staff can cross check the provided details with government approved ID cards for confirming the same. The system comes in handy even if the facilities bear multiple branches in various locations. A centralised dashboard grants access to visitor data across locations. Hence, a facility manager can easily manage visitor data in multiple locations with a single account.

2. Hassle-Free Access: 

A visitor management tool also contains a feature called smart pre-registration. It allows the visitors to fill in the requisite details beforehand completely. The tool sends the pre-registration via Email and SMS with an embedded QR code. All a visitor needs to do is display the code at the check-in for entering into the facility. It eliminates the hassle of the visitor needing to fill in the details for completing the registration process.

3. Valuable Inputs: 

The visitor management software gathers a large pool of visitor data from VMS deployed at multiple entry and exit points of a facility. Besides, the system captures visitor data from offices present in various locations. Hence, facility managers have a rich pool of visitor information at their helm, that assists them in making effective business decisions.

4. Real-Time Host Notifications: 

The visitor management system sends real-time notifications to the host when the visitor arrives at the facility. It reduces the hassle for the receptionist to intimate the host about the visitor arrival.  The VMS stores the comprehensive check-in and check-out details of the visitors. 

5. Efficient Crisis Management: 

It is a daunting task for facility managers to effectively communicate with visitors and employees in case of any emergencies. Also, the managers do not have sufficient time to convey the information to the personnel present in the facility. The visitor management software also facilitates security personnel with a real-time view of the guests residing inside the facility. Hence a visitor management system serves to streamline their daily operations while concurrently providing the visitors with a flawless experience. 

6. Flexible Security: 

To ensure the security of a facility, the facility managers need to grant access only to authorised visitors. The visitor management software clicks the photographs of visitors entering the facility before granting access and helps reduce unauthorised visitor entry.  The photographs help staff to visually compare the person standing in front of them before permitting them into the facility.

7. Manage Levels of Authorisation: 

With VMS, the facility managers can grant access to designated employees or persons to access a particular level of visitor information. Hence, the data stays completely secure and free from any data breach. Also, since the data is stored in an encrypted cloud environment, it can be easily retrieved anytime with a single click. However, this is not the case with conventional visitor management, as the guest log books featuring visitor data often gets misplaced or lost.

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