Time to Transform the Visitor Management Process in Organizations

For most companies/businesses/organisations, receptions are the main points of entry for the visitors. The typical visitor management system (VMS) comprises of a paper logbook that is placed at the front desk. When the visitor arrives, the receptionist/the security guard instructs the visitor to enter the details such as name, mobile number, the concerned person they came to meet and so on. Then the receptionist intimates the host, that there is someone waiting at the reception. All the process appears quite complex, time-consuming and causes many inconveniences to the visitors. Also, it is quite difficult to know whether every visitor who has entered the building has been properly documented.

What can be the scenario in case of busy receptions? They frequently encounter a large number of visitors and managing all of them is not an easy task! Further, it is also not possible to keep track of the visitors present in various areas of the facility. There would arise a situation to check for the frequent visitors in a particular time period. For this, you need to go through all the past records or excel sheets to review the information when the data is required for audits. Also, there might be a scenario, where the facility might have faced a security issue at a particular instance and you wanted to retrieve information. However, the papers get faded away, the registers are often misplaced and are replaced with the new ones thereby making it almost impossible to gather the required information.

All the drawbacks and flaws associated with the manual sign-in systems can be addressed effectively and efficiently with the visitor management software. Let’s have a look at the benefits that an electronic visitor management system offers:


As the visitor enters the data electronically, there is never a chance of misinterpretation. The system has a user-friendly interface for recording and processing the information. The visitors would enter the name, mobile number, address, photographs, and details of whom they are going to meet. Hence, the information of the guests is accurate and there are no chances to get them altered.

Faster Visitor Registrations:

Digital reception cuts down errors and facilitates visitors to complete registration within a short time. The VMS lets visitors quickly fill in the details in the predefined fields and accounts for faster visitor check-ins. It creates a positive first impression on the visitors and also maximises the front-desk efficiency.

Easy Visitor Identification:

A Visitor management system ensures only authorised personnel are allowed in the facility. While the employees do wear identity badges, visitors do not typically have one. The visitor management software can be connected wirelessly to a printer and can issue temporary badges to the visitors along with their photographs and signatures. The employees can easily identify the visitors upon

Safe and Secure:

An automated visitor management system brings an extra level of protection to the employees and the facility. Automated visitor registration, visitor badging, visitor facial capture and digital signatures account for increased security. With the automated system in place, the employees feel safe to work in the facility. The visitor management tool greatly improves the operational efficiency of the company allowing to act swiftly and efficiently when a security issue crops up.

Enhances Credibility:

VMS creates a positive first impression and increases the credibility of the company. Also, the employees would be happy and feel relaxed with the neat entry and exit system. They feel confident working for the company and that leads to increased operational efficiency in the long run.

Improves Customer Delight:

Visitor pre-registration saves a great deal of time for the customers during check-in and brings delight. The customers no longer need to enter the details from scratch and can get printed visitor badges way ahead of others.

Even better, the reception staff/ employee can send the pre-registration via Email featuring the directions and the itinerary for their visit. Hence a visitor knows how to arrive at the facility and what do after their arrival.

Tackle Emergency Evacuations with Ease:  

The VMS can be a savior during the emergency evacuation procedure. A centralized dashboard in visitor management system helps you quickly know who is residing in the facility. It is virtually quite impossible to know the exact details with paper logbooks. The VMS instantly sends evacuation alerts via SMS, Email to the visitors and employees thereby alerting them during emergency situations.

Upgrade Your Lobby with the Electronic Visitor Management Software

Transform the front-desk experience, streamline visitor check-ins, improve operational efficiency with the electronic visitor management software. The biometric visitor management system is no longer an option, but it is an absolute necessity these days. Its high time that organisations and businesses adopt visitor management software for improved customer experience to ensure the safety and security of their premises.

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