Streamline Your Busy Lobby Using Visitor Management System

Organizations or businesses traditionally manage visitor check-ins using paper logs. The outdated traditional visitor management system consumes a lot of time to complete the registration process. In addition, the visitors continue to build up leading to standing queues and longer waiting times. As front-desk is at the forefront of an organization/ business, it is the place where guests first impressions are formed. There is a proverb that says “The first impression is the best impression”, so the first impression always counts when it comes to deciding the reputation and brand image of the business. Also, the paper logs are slow, insecure and the visitor details are not proper owing to bad handwriting and incomplete details. The traditional process also depends on the proper guidance of the reception staff all the way. Further, the traditional visitor management is not that secure and the visitor information can be seen, anyone.

Automated Visitor Management Systems are the Way to go

The paper-based visitor logs often need printed paper forms and reception staff to assist in visitor registration. Therefore, the companies/businesses have to invest an amount on manpower and paper. Automated visitor management systems, automate the visitor check-ins, eliminates the need for reception staff and improves visitor delight.

Advantages of Having an Automated Visitor Management System


Smart Pre-Registrations:

Pre-registration is the most effective means to fasten the visitor sign-in process. You can send pre-registration forms to the guests via Email and SMS, and the visitor has the option to fill all the details. So, when the visitor arrives at the facility, they can rush through the sign-in process and skip many steps required for registration.

Automatic Host Notifications:

The visitor management software automatically sends real-time notifications to the host after visitor check-in. So, the receptionist no longer needed to locate the host for passing the info with regard to the visitor arrival. The companies or businesses can thereby accommodate the front-desk staff elsewhere leading to improved business productivity.

Enhance Security with Visitor and Guest Badges:

The visitor management software allows printing visitor badges for enhanced security. The employees can clearly identify the guests and greet them confidently with the name tags in place.

Easily Identify Frequent Visitors:

In the case of small offices, the receptionist can easily track recurring visitors. But in large offices which frequently witness high volumes of visitors, it is quite difficult to remember recurring visitors. If there is a visitor management software in place, you can simply enter the email address or phone number and the details pop up on the screen. You no longer need to enter the complete details from scratch.

Handy During Emergency Evacuations:

In the wake of any emergencies, the visitor management tool sends a notification to the concerned personnel for successful evacuation. The system gives a clear picture of the visitors present in the facility along with their details. It is not the case with paper logs, where the warden struggles to interpret the visitor handwritings.

Affordable Solution:

With the automated system, there is no longer a need for the presence of reception staff in the lobby area. Hence, it does not incur additional invest in paper books and the reception staff. The businesses can employ the front desk staff in other critical tasks that cannot be automated.

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