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How to Effectively Automate Your Reception Area

With the onslaught of a massive amount of visitors and the growing expectations of potential visitors, businesses have started evolving their front desk to accommodate this shift. Many strategies have been developed by businesses to ensure proper entries done by the visitors and successfully carry out optimum visitor management. However, reception automation has been the most effective way to consummately ensure that visitor management becomes seamless and maintains its momentum of consistently serving the visitors and businesses alike.

Reception automation is possible by implementing a visitor management system for modernizing your front desk tasks and ensuring optimum productivity. An automated digital receptionist software comes embedded in a visitor management system, which ensures that the repetitive tasks along with mechanical tasks can be taken care of by the software. This provides the front-desk taskforce in not only increasing their productivity, but it also ensures that there is no more room left for human error and the visitor management is enhanced for businesses.

So, the question that pops up is how to effectively automate your reception area while also ensuring no visitor churn? Let’s find out.

Tips on How to Automate Your Digital Receptionist Software Successfully

There are many businesses who often just purchase a digital receptionist software and don’t go through the process of holistically implementing it throughout their operations just because they’re unaware of how to do so. Here are some tips that can help you in ensuring that the receptionist software brings out the best in your business:


1. Welcoming Visitors Should Be Seamless and Engaging

The first and foremost thing a visitor would experience coming to your front desk should leave a positive impression of them. Hence, it is imperative that the welcoming procedure for visitors followed by the automated digital receptionist software is as impactful as possible. Customize your lobby check-in process in the visitor management system so that the visitors can conveniently enter their credentials while being positively greeted by the digital receptionist software.

If needed, a staff member can also assist the visitors in navigating through the various options presented by the digital receptionist software. This can create a very effective and seamless process of making a good first impression on the visitors, and providing them with all the relevant information they’d need during their visit to your establishment.


2. Customize Your Check-In Process to Make it Seamless

For offices and enterprises, it is important to ensure that the check-in process is as seamless and swift as possible. Hence, having a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate around becomes crucial. A modern office check-in app can help you in accomplishing that. It should be customized based on your visitors and unique workflows must be created that serve the various segments of customers. 

Your office will have several segments of visitors, including employees, delivery executives, retailers, general visitors, etc. Not all of them should go through the same registration process. Each segment should have its own unique check-in process that serves the purpose of checking-in your company. For instance, the digital receptionist must record the name, contact details, purpose of the visit, and terms & conditions for the general visitors. However, for employees, the digital receptionist can just record their entry based on their employee ID, which would make their check-in process seamless. Similarly, a delivery executive who only has to deliver something must not go through the check-in process of a general visitor and should only be required to enter their name and delivery details.


3. Implementing High-Standard Security Measures

To effectively automate your reception area, it is imperative that you also take proper measures to ensure optimum security and functionality of the digital receptionist software. This can be accomplished by printing out identification badges for the visitors, which can help the digital receptionist is not only tracking the visitors but also that they don’t wander off in any restricted areas. 

A visitor management software is capable of printing out dedicated badges for the visitors, which have their relevant information along with their access capabilities. For instance, an employee can be issued a visitor badge that provides them access to certain areas in your establishment. They can use the badges to scan into the visitor management system which provides them entry to these areas. However, a general visitor would be issued a visitor badge that would not allow them to enter these areas.


4. Automated Notifications for Visitor Registration

Automating your reception area is not only good for simple digital signage. It serves many other purposes as well. A digital receptionist software can be customized to automatically send out live notifications to the employees when visitors arrive. It can also be customized to send personal notifications to employees when the guests assigned to them arrive so that they can heed to them on-the-go. The automated digital receptionist software also provides a seamless private communication channel to the visitors and the employees for convenient communication. This eliminates the hassles involved for the visitors to hunt down the employee or vice-versa. This is also beneficial for staff members as they can seamlessly communicate with the visitors and update them about when they can meet with the staff members, in case the staff members are preoccupied. For example, a staff member in a meeting can send a text message to the visitor that they’ll be attending the visitor in 10-15 minutes when their meeting is finished.

For offices, this can be particularly beneficial as many meetings or conferences are usually held on-premises. The visitors of these meetings can efficiently check-in via the digital receptionist software, and can enter the meeting rooms. Employees are able to access a two-way communication channel where they can interact and sort their queries out in the meeting room as well with the help of a modern office check-in app.



While there are many advantages of digitizing your reception area, it is imperative that you implement the digital receptionist software effectively to ensure that your business is able to reap the benefits of digital reception. Choosing an effective automated digital receptionist software like piLOBI can take you a long way, as it comes with the relevant information needed to conveniently implement it across your organization. Contact us today to find out more!

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