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Digital Reception – How It Has Become One of The Most Needed Services in Covid – 19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused abrupt disruptions in almost all of the digital and offline services. There has been a seismic effect on technology companies worldwide in the past few months. Business strategies are evolving to suit the consumer needs in a non – harmful manner. To adapt to these unprecedented times, even non – IT workspaces are exploring digital options to replace the traditional ones. Amongst many, one service that has seen drastic demand in Digital Reception.

Due to the need for social distancing to protect against the virus, organizations are now turning towards a visitor management system to better manage their visitors as well as their workspace management. Key decision-makers across organizations of various sizes are beginning to grasp the importance of visitor management software and its applicability in the changing times. Let’s dive into the core reasons for this increased adoption of digital reception and why you too should evaluate your business needs accordingly

Knowing Your Visitors

The screening and identification of your visitors are of paramount importance to keep the unauthorized ones away and safeguard your people. A visitor management software facilitates easy scanning of visitor IDs, capturing their photos and information, and agreeing to custom terms & conditions before granting access to the physical premise. There’s also an option to perform touchless visitor check-in. For this, visitors just need to scan the QR code provided using their own mobile devices.

Such protective measures have been successful in providing both premise safety as well as ensuring the collection of accurate data. The data generated by a visitor management system can prove to be highly insightful and target-oriented for your business. Visitor data can be leveraged to better organize the workspace, timely delivery of critical services, and much more.

Alerting Employees and Visitors

A key aspect of minimizing the Covid – 19 spread is to ensure people who are in close contact with an infected person or have been in the recent past are aware of their exposure and self-isolate immediately. A visitor management software, in this regard, is of high importance. It allows organizations to immediately contact employees and visitors who signed in on that day, alert them to get tested and self isolate themselves in case a known Covid-19 infected person has entered your office.

Even as many offices have started reopening their physical working model with certain restrictions, the unpredictability of virus transmission poses a great risk. To combat the deadly virus, organizations are highly advised to install a visitor management system and ensure the safety of their employees and visitors.

Customizing Check-In Workflows

The introduction of GDPR brought along many changes in data capturing. Owing to this, processes got adjusted and changed to improve the relevance of information requests. When we talk about traditional Visitor Management systems, this new approach eventually turned out to be costly, both in terms of time as well as resources. The costs associated with creating, printing, organizing, and storing obtained third-party data in folders on-site can prove challenging for front-of-house employees as they balance new processes with pre-existing role requirements.

Modern visitor management software come with customizable workflows for a different type of visitors, each suited as per the specific requirement of the visitor. For example, when a courier arrives on-site, they may be required to enter; company name, full name, delivery reference, contact details and sign any required NDA’s inside the check-in process. A person arriving for an interview, however, may be requested to share details of the position they are applying for, enter a hostname, and complete a photo capture to complete their check-in workflow.

Wrapping Up

As scientists continuously strive to come up with a safe vaccine for Covid – 19, the economy should also pick up the pace to ensure business normalcy irrespective of the changing conditions. Technology will play a crucial role in bringing back this normalcy, no doubt. The virus, being highly contagious spreads through the air and even more so through physical touch. Visitor Management systems can prove to be highly effective in containing the spread of the virus across buildings, apartments, schools, hospitals, offices, etc.

Many organizations have deployed digital reception systems to safely operate under stringent conditions while continuing to serve their customers and keep visitors informed. Each workspace will have different requirements based on their business type and several other factors. piLOBI, a leader in providing custom solutions for visitor management systems, has helped a large number of businesses in this pandemic to effectively scale their operations with top-notch technology-enabled digital reception systems. If your business too required the support to continue operating without Covid 19 hassles, you should get in touch with experts from piLOBI right away.

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