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How to Apply the 5 Whys to Identify Priorities for Visitor Management Operations

There can be unpredicted problems that can occur in any project at any point in time due to a lack of prioritization. Furthermore, fixing an unpredicted problem within a short time period can definitely be a preferred solution, but this problem can be recurring. To ensure the permanent removal of such an issue, it is imperative that the team focuses mainly on discovering the root cause of the problem and identify the priorities accordingly to tackle them properly.

Prioritizing a competent chart for a visitor management operations system isn’t easy. The assumed date of going live can change depending on the timelines and use case, or technical requirements which might be potentially complex. One of the most effective ways which can help you in prioritizing the stages of touchless visitor management system involves a simple process that’s specifically designed to unveil the basic elements which are underlying any issue called the 5 Whys. 

This technique mainly captures improved outcomes, as it promotes thinking and analyzing from the very foundation stone, or simply speaking, inherited ideas are no longer the base for reasoning. Indisputable truths are what make the reasoning process immaculate and rigid. Valuable opportunities that maybe weren’t visible the first time, can thus, be identified using visitor management implementation of this technique.

The Five Whys was craved by Kiichiro Toyoda in the year 1930, and it is still one of the most regarded and revered management techniques. It is strikingly efficient in pinpointing various problems, and discovering solutions for the most productive implementation of a technologically advanced system like a touchless visitor management system In today’s competitive economic environment, where organizations are under a very high pressure to properly identify all of the important priorities, ensure the safety of their employees, and implement the budget restrictions across their establishment. The 5 Whys technique can significantly help focus on the priorities that are critical and need urgent attention to successfully accomplish all the company objectives and growth targets. 

Get Started and Master the 5 Whys technique

The technique named “5 Whys” can help in prioritizing and achieving continuous improvement at any level of organization.  This is how to apply it:


Formation of a team


Firstly the technique requires the formation of a competent team that comprises members from different departments. Each of the representatives of the team has to be acquainted properly with the process that will be under investigation.

One can even receive unique points of view by creating a team that is cross-functional.

This will also help the team in collecting relevant information for making practical and informed decisions. 


Define the priorities at all the levels of the organization


Discuss the priority with the team and make a note of the hidden priorities. It will also help to define the scope of the issue that the organization is going to investigate.

This is prevalent because prioritizing and implementing are often time-consuming exercises, with little clarity and undefined boundaries. It is advised to stay focused and use the visitor management software to align up the priorities.

Time utilization has to be the foremost priority. To save on the clock the organizations can now zero-in to the digital reception that helps to reduce the time consumption. It captures the visitor details through digital check-in, and then an automated text or Email can be sent to the host to instantly notifying them. This process significantly cuts down the time taken usually to attend to a visitor or their needs.

After time utilization, the safety of employees has to be on the priority list. To ace the pandemic situation, considering employee safety it is also advised to deploy a touchless visitor management system. 


Done with Defining, Now Ask Why


Appoint just one person, who will facilitate the entire process. This chosen leader will be the one asking questions to the team and keeping them aware and focused. The answers given to these questions must be based on real-data or known facts.

This team leader should always ask “Why” to the teams continuously until the team can align priorities and identify the root cause of the initial problems.


The Correct Way to Ask the Why’s 


It is not advised to ask too many Whys. If one keeps asking too many Whys, they might end up getting unreasonable responses that will not prove to be productive, and unnecessary suggestions highlighted as priorities.

Once done, highlight the priorities and work on them effectively.

This type of foundation-inclined thinking turned out to be the most effective way to eliminate the complexity to analyze the visitor management process, while also identifying the right functionality, permissions, processes, configuration of a visitor management system. 


Implementation via Visitor Management System


The 6 Whys technique is well applied to a visitor management system’s configuration. This is primarily because the individual or team who leads the implementation process often can only see the problems at hand, or at the least, problems with a small scope. But a visitor management software put into place can holistically take care of this process, with all scopes of problems provided equal attention. For example, replacing a paper visitor register with a visitor management software or changing up the operations with the help of digital reception.


Since VMS like piLOBI provides much-needed support to the needs of the stakeholders, using this process can significantly help in identifying the often overlooked elements in visitor management, and can also help to prioritize at all levels of the organization. This implementation further assists organizations in building comprehensive, analytical, and robust visitor management system configurations.

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