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10 Ways How Brands Use Visitor Management Solutions Differently

Companies sometimes receive hundreds of visitors a day, making it a tedious job for the receptionists to log the details of every individual in an orderly but ancient method of writing manually. To minimize the time required to identify visitors and record their data efficiently, the need for a visitor management system (VMS) in this era is as prevalent for organizations as it can ever be.

Completely shifting from the age-old practice of filling in papers at the reception area, the preference for a digital platform is only practical. Visitor management systems can digitally scan the visitor’s face and save their information in a database to avoid the repetition of registering frequent visitors. They can also provide meeting management expertise where the visitors and the employers are notified about meeting details whenever necessary.

How to Effectively Use Visitor Management Systems?

A VMS can take over the employee attendance database where employers can automatically be recognized by the algorithms in the software. Offering visitor badges digitally is another feature of VMSs, making it easier for employers to differentiate visitors from existing staff.

In a world that is positively moving towards eco-friendly alternatives, the method of book-keeping might prove to be both exacting and adding to waste. Visitor management systems, being thoroughly digital, provide a choice to the conscious mind about the impact on the environment.

Any top-of-the-line visitor management system will provide you with more than just a single function.

To help you with exploring how exactly you can use these functions to your advantage, here are 10 different ways to implement visitor management solutions in your operations to improve your brand’s customer experience:

As a Digital Receptionist:

Front desk management is by far one of the most, if not the most, important aspects of an organization. It is the first exposure of many customers to your brand, and hence the most important part of making a customer have a quick and personalized interaction.

Providing a secure and personal interaction often does not go hand-in-hand with the quicker response time. With visitor management software, this hurdle can be overcome.

A customer’s data can be procured ahead of time of their arrival and they can log themselves in, both of which will save a lot of time and energy of both your front desk employees and the customers, giving more space for a better, more personal welcome at the gate.

As an added advantage, since all the data is saved on the cloud, you will always be informed of any special visitors and can create specialized welcomes for them.

As a Tool for Time Management:

The visitor management system can also be used in the form of a pre-booking feature, allowing organizations to reduce visitor’s check-in time from a 1-2 minute process down to a couple of seconds.

As a Tool for Data Collection:

Digital forms should be used to get signatures from visitors, which also is an effective visitor recording and file storing method. In some cases, the signing of forms or agreeing of terms is required to provide an audit trail for compliance audits and internal investigations.

As a Tool for Offering Personalized Experiences:

Customized Visitor Badges can be issued to the visitors in the check-in process. visitor management solution also ensures hosts are notified of customer arrivals, so you will never miss an important client.

For Ease of Work Integration:

With the help of Visitor Management solutions, applications or tools used internally by brands can also be integrated seamlessly into the Visitor Management systems to generously offer a value-enhanced experience to the employees.

As a Brand Enhancement Tool:

The User Interface of a Visitor Management software can be utilized to make a statement about the brand itself and is very useful in creating that much-needed good first impression.

For Review and Reassessment of Data:

The data stored in cloud storage can be cohesively used to form reports on the frequency and engagement process of visitors and other necessary information, which provide useful insights for the improvement of the organization.

As a Budgetary Tool:

Contractors should be able to take ownership of their responsibilities for compliance, ensuring that the brands are aware and are always updated on their contractor activity and reporting. A smart visitor management solution is to create a portal for employees and contractors, which they can use to do exactly this.

As a Customizable Tool for Different Operations:

As an added advantage, Visitor Management solutions are often built to offer customizable check-in workflows for different visitor types, so you can keep track of all the couriers, customers, and partners all in one go.

As an Environment-Friendly Tool:

The reduction of all the paper used in logbooks to just one software on your computer/tablet will reflect upon your brand’s eco-consciousness, and contribute to the reduction of paper wastage.


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