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How Schools & Universities Can Benefit Most From Visitor Management Systems

School and university campuses have to deal with millions of people every year around the world. It’s a very difficult task keeping track of who enters the buildings, for what purpose, and how long they stay.

Educational institutions strive and do their best in protecting students’ privacy and make sure they feel secure. Having unwanted guests or visitors interrogate students or spark any incidents on the campus could tarnish the institution’s reputation. The worst-case scenario would be parents withdrawing their children from the school or college and filing a lawsuit for violation of various rights or failing to ensure protection and security 

Visitor management system address these challenges and are designed to be scalable by nature. And unlike manual record-keeping, every aspect of entering and exiting visitors is automated. 

Benefits of Using Visitor Management Systems In Schools and Universities 

When visitor management solutions are integrated within educational institutions, it sends out a message to parents that the teachers and administrators of the campus care for the child’s safety and security. Besides boosting the reputation of the institution, these measures enhance the safety and wellbeing of students on the campus.  

Here are some of the benefits of using visitor management solutions in schools and universities:

1. Checks-In Visitors, Students and Contractors

Visitor management software is used for ID-ing students, visitors, and contractors before they step into the campus. Details about visitors are pre-registered into the system which makes check-ins seamless and hassle-free. ID Cards are generated automatically by the system to visitors along with validity and expiration dates for the passes

Staff members of the school and college are easily able to identify visitors, students, and contractors since these ID cards have a unique identification number and are assigned different categories depending on the kind of person who is entering or exiting.

2. Access Real-Time Visitor Reporting And Activity

A solution designed for regulating visitor management gives you real-time insights and analytics about who is entering and leaving the building. Metrics such as when was the last visit and how long visitors stayed or interacted with students – these are some of the many features the software gives access to its users. 

Reports created and printed by the system reveal visit patterns and trends, thus letting educational institutions be prepared to accommodate future visits. 

3. Enhances Safety and Security During Times of Emergencies

Electronic visitor management creates a paper trail of visitors and guests who are entering the premises. It lets managers of the campus see who is going inside boarding schools, hallways, and elementary buildings at specific times of the day. 

Taking regular attendance helps in pinpointing students on the campus but what about the visitors? In the time of emergencies, if there is a need to evacuate due to any hazardous incidents that happen, visitor management systems will let them send out real-time alerts to whoever else still remains inside the buildings.

4. Prevent Security Breaches

Traditional paper filing systems of logging in visitor entries is no longer efficient for educational institutions. Electronic visitor management systems force guests or visitors to enter every detail before they are allowed inside the premises. From cutting-edge facial recognition to capturing photos of their entry and other details, visitors are handed out printed badges and ID cards, thus providing an additional layer of security. These verified ID cards can be used by staff members to recognize and distinguish between new and old visitors.

For boarding schools or educational institutions that have a gated entrance, policies or measures are implemented by these systems where visitors are allowed to enter only if they have printed ID cards with them. The security can be tightened on the premises as well. Guards stationed at different points on the campus are able to communicate over long distances with the software on their devices.

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piLOBI is one such visitor management software that bundles sophisticated and modern features. It lets users view statistics and insights in real-time on Android and iOS devices. The customer service support is very responsive and answers questions that let users ease into the platform. Any features or capabilities of the software listed on the website can be expanded since it’s completely customizable and built on the Cloud.

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