5 Reasons Visitor Management Systems are Essential on Construction Sites

Construction sites have the highest risk possible, and you don’t have a proper vigilant system in place, there are chances of accidents and injuries. If you have a proper visitor tracking system in place. Such stems not only tend to the safety aspects of the sites but help in mitigating benefits to the business as well.

Why we need a system

With the help of a visitor registration system, you can achieve the following

➜You can plan an efficient and compliant risk management process for construction sites that get streamlined according to the needs of the business.                                                                                                                                          ➜It allows you to know the number of workers on the site along with with the visitors, a better number-crunching method than others.                                                                                                                                                                          ➜The workers need to informed about the precautions that they have to take for themselves and the safety of others as well                                                                                                                                                                                              ➜There has to be the proper procedure to have to be photo id-ed and given their respective badges to keep track of the workers on location. It would be of great help if an eventuality may occur.                                                                ➜Drills get enforced so that workers are prepared enough in case of an emergency. The workers have to know how to get evacuated if the situation arises.

You will find that visitor identification system and others that play a very significant role in keeping check any unwarranted incidents to take place on the site.

The workers who come to work on the site, as well as the visitors, have to follow certain procedures such as signing NDA and liability waiver forms before they can step on the site. The company follows this process so that people on the site know what precautions and safety measures they have to adhere to, and they agree on the terms unconditionally.

Why Visitors need Managing on Construction Sites

If you use the visitor management process, you will be able to add in security documents and the precautionary notes when they are about to check-in. The system will allow both the visitors to check the dashboard where it would be easier to find and access to check what they have to and not do. These documents have records in digital form which contain

➜The time and date the workers sign in to go on site                                                                                                              ➜Guest details of the visit along with the time and date

There are several risks involved, and there have been past incidents indicating the work-related deaths, which could get avoided if proper systems would have been in place. A lot of studies get done after such incidents, and findings show that if the businesses are employed better-visiting systems. The workers nor visitors have to undergo such unfortunate events.

The kid of eventualities that may occur on the construction site are

➜Dangerous heights
➜Equipment runovers

Having a system in place can be useful for the management of the company and the workers as well. It will also contain a visitor badge system. There will be real-time data available which is useful during an emergency, and you will have

➜Complete information on the number of workers and visitors on site
➜Emergency contact information
➜Other details

This way, you don’t end up losing precious time and able to help those who need it most in the swiftest possible manner. The construction sites are prone to numerous risks, and this would be the best possible way to manage the impending dangers that come by.

The kind of Visitors that you may Spot at a Construction Site would be of

➜Community representatives
➜Marketing and sales staff
➜External consultants

You should know that visitors don’t have any experience of the perils of being on a construction site and how to be careful while being there. There is every possible chance of these visitors getting hurt or damaging something. Hence a briefing is required for them to acclimatize to the situation at hand. And know how to act in case of emergency. The required information gets provided by the use of technology and placing it in an appropriate place so that they can go through the information before entering the construction site.

Why Briefing is Required and How it Gets Done

The briefing should contain the following information

➜Safety and legal bases
➜Even the waivers
➜What the construction site is composed of
➜Key safety information

It has to be acknowledged and signed by visitors of which a copy gets emailed to them.

There has to be stringent security measures in place and not allow a person without proper authorization. All the people who work or visit have to wear a photo-id and a badge. So that a track of the people who visit the construction site. The process is for preventing

➜Loss of equipment

But at piLOBI, we not only have the visitor management system in place and prepared for emergency evacuation as well.

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