6 Ways You Can Make Your Workplace an Engine of Productivity

It is imperative for businesses to ensure and improve employee efficiency and productivity. To achieve this, you should take away the focus from routine and mundane tasks, and concentrate on the important ones. Plus, you should be aware of the factors that weaken staff motivation and impact productivity, and help your workers to overcome them. In this article, we detail a few proactive steps that you can take to boost employee productivity at your workplace:

Use Technology Smartly 

To start, you can invest in effective software solutions like a visitor management system which can help to streamline the flow of visitors in your office. A good visitor management software solution like piLOBI offers many advantages including automated digital reception, time-saving for front-desk staff, and enhanced security.

By improving visitor management, your firm can create positive first impressions, reinforce branding, modernize reception, go paperless, minimize waiting times, improve office efficiency, enhance transparency, mitigate threats, boost productivity, reduce costs, integrate synergies, comply with safety and health regulations, and more. 

Apart from a visitor management system, you can also use collaboration tools like Slack or Asana, especially if your employees are located in diverse places. These solutions facilitate remote working which allows your company to save money. Another way to boost productivity is to permit your staff to use mobile devices like tablets and smartphones to work on the go. Today’s cloud-based platforms can be accessed on any internet-enabled device, so shift your systems to the cloud to reap the benefits of anywhere, anytime access. 

Leverage Gamification to Motivate 

Monotonous routines can make your employees bored and affect productivity. Unmotivated workers would lack the enthusiasm to competently perform their tasks. The solution is to use gamification techniques to fire up staff members. You can gamify tasks such as completing reports or providing ideas for policy changes and projects to make them interesting, exciting, and appealing. 

Gamification methods use challenges, points, rankings or leaderboards, rewards, badges, and other aspects to make quantifiable and repetitive tasks more engaging. Further, you can integrate the gamification software with your existing CRM, ERP, or other platforms to make it simpler for your staff to utilize these in their daily work. In this way, you can include a playful and fun facet to your business operations like customer service and sales.  

Communicate Effectively and Efficiently 

Communication is an essential aspect for smooth business operations. You need to implement a reliable communication system to function resourcefully and achieve your business goals. Communication goes beyond using devices like phones or written and verbal information exchanges. It involves deploying suitable communication platforms for the needs of your company. 

Your employees should be made aware of the expertise and hierarchy in your firm. This will enable them to contact the right person quickly to resolve their issues. Social networking applications like Yammer allow workers to contribute to company knowledge and assist co-workers with on-boarding. Cloud-hosted software suites such as Office 365 can aid to foster a culture of helping and sharing across the organization. 

Set High Standards 

Set high standards and goals for your employees and give them clear expectations about their tasks. This will motivate them to be on their toes and perform at their best. Define what is needed from everyone and how the company expects its staff to perform their delegated roles and responsibilities. 

Develop Employee Skills

Enable your workers to improve by giving them opportunities to develop their talent and progress professionally. Employees should be inspired to ask for new challenges and not remain stagnant. They should not be satisfied with performing their existing assignments, but should be made aware that they can aspire for higher positions. By empowering employees to develop and advance, you’ll give them an incentive to stay with your company for a long time and continue to contribute productively. 

Provide Constructive Feedback 

Appreciate your personnel for their good achievements and at the same time help them to identify failures or errors in the performance of their tasks. Managers and staff can sit together to work out effective plans to overcome the shortcomings. In this way, you can keep up high employee morale and motivate them to be productive every day. 

About piLOBI

piLOBI is an efficient and affordable visitor management software that can be deployed successfully in towers, properties, MNCs, hospitals, SMEs, and offices. Contact us today for more information about our platform and implement it in your company to improve visitor management on your premises.

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