Guest Experience vs. Guest Engagement Which Matters Most?

How does Guest Experience differ from Guest Engagement?

Guest Experience and Guest Engagement are terms used interchangeably but in reality, they are different. Guest experience is how a person feels about all of their interactions with a product, system, service or channel. It is the perceived notion developed within a guest after he has interacted actively with one or more aspects of a product or service. The ease of use for the product, the emotional delight they feel, and all the other related emotions compared against the guest’s expectations are called Guest Experience or visitor experience.

On the other hand, Guest Engagement is the likely reaction of the visitors to the varied experiences that they have felt. It is essentially the physical and tangible activities that can be visibly identified when a visitor does them. Eg: a visitor’s emotions of overwhelmed feeling on being greeted by a visitor management system is a part of the Visitor Experience, while their reaction to revisit the hotel often to experience this feeling again, is a part of Visitor Engagement. Thus, while Visitor Experience is an intangible feeling, Visitor Engagement is the practical version including all touchpoints between the Visitor and the brand.

Guest Engagement or Guest Experience: What to Choose?

While it is a question to think about, the answer is simple: Both!

Guest Experience and Guest Engagement are two different things but are correlated to one another. Focusing on Visitor Experience is necessary in order to develop Guest Engagement. And if you don’t have a guest engagement strategy ready, you could be missing opportunities for interacting with your customers, developing their experience and thereby building a relationship with them. There is no single guest engagement method that works for every company across all industries. Just a bit of sincere focus on empathy, clarity, and simplicity in your dealings with visitors can help you in all your guest engagement activities. Thus, a focus on Visitor Experience is indeed a prerequisite for the development of a good Guest Engagement strategy. And proper guest engagement efforts ultimately add on to the Visitor Experience.

Creating Visitor Experience is important but if it doesn’t turn into engagement then the efforts may get wasted. Because in the end, it is the Visitor Engagement that leads to sales, and thereby profits. So, the Visitor Experience needs to be targeted to engagement in a way to elicit favorable reactions.

How to develop Guest Experience and Guest Engagement?

There are varied strategies that can be used to develop Guest Experience and thereby Guest Engagement:

Obsessing on them: “Your guest is your god.” This is an old saying, but a true one nonetheless. To make your guests engage with your brand, it is necessary to make them feel prioritized. For this, the frontline of the company must make all the appropriate efforts. One can rely on the latest Visitor management system and visitor management software for the same. The automated greetings, query solution and guidance will add to the Visitor Experience.
Understand the needs of your customers and do not leave them unattended even for a second. They must not feel unimportant or ignored. That’s why, visitor management is of utmost importance, in order to develop Visitor Engagement.
Meet them wherever you get an opportunity: be with your guests offline as well as online. Online can be a very important platform to attract your guests and be in touch with them. Put in efforts to remind them about you every now and then.
However, don’t pester them at all junctions, bombarding them with advertising all around. Rather be selective and be rational in your approach. It should be felt that you want to understand them not irritate them.
Create useful content for them. Customize your visitor management software in a way to appropriately cater to individual guest’s requirements to serve them a better experience.
Use Visitor Management technologies and systems in a way to benefit your customers as well as help you in collecting data useful to know how to engage them and how to generate positive response.

These tips and tricks can help you to develop a Visitor Experience that can be converted to maximum Visitor engagement. Personify the contemporary business applications with piLOBI, which is a revered name in the field of automated business activities. Contact today for more information.

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