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How to Use Automation to Improve Office Productivity

Businesses are always on the look to streamline workflows and improve productivity all the time to stay ahead of the competition. The emergence of automation has helped many businesses to automate many tasks that were previously carried by humans thereby saving a lot of time and money. With many companies opting for digital transformation there are many available tools and software to automate tasks and minimise administration burden. Businesses can thereby identify the key areas that consume time and can implement automation tools to improve productivity. 

The increase in popularity of automation has resulted in many businesses embracing automation to leverage its benefits. Take for instance the case of visitor management software for office. The software offers solutions to visitor management and improves the productivity of a business. Apart from this, let’s check the other available automation software that plays a vital role in improving office productivity.

Reception Automation Helps You Get Rid of Visitor Sign-in Sheets

 Traditional modes of visitor management are tedious and a bit boring. It involves the presence of receptionist at the front desk to greet and receive the visitors entering the facility. The receptionist then directs the visitor to enter his details in paper log books. 

Just imagine the instance when the receptionist goes for a coffee break/ goes to intimate the host of the visitor arrival?

In the meanwhile, the visitors tend to pile up leading to longer waiting times and standing queues. Hence, it does not lead a favourable impression on the visitor. Also, the visitor details in the paper logbooks are difficult to interpret in case of unwanted incidents happening in the facility. 

With the introduction of the visitor management system for office, all the hassles associated with traditional modes can be easily overcome. As the visitor registration process is completely automated, the visitor enters the details all by himself in the pre-defined fields. Hence, there is never scope for misinterpretation of visitor details. With the visitor management system, all the visitor details are stored in the cloud and can be retrieved when needed. Further, with the capture of visitor images and digital signatures the safety and security of the facility or workplace is augmented by many folds. As such, you can get rid of the outdated visitor sign-in sheets for visitor management software.

Scheduling Automation Eliminates the Scheduling Hassles

Scheduling a meeting with your clients is not an easy job! You mail your client with the probable meeting times and then the client replies with his available times. The conversation goes on for quite a bit of time. But with schedule automation software, scheduling a meeting is fun and easy. With automated meeting management software, all you need to do is enter the visitor details in the pre-defined fields and click on Schedule Meeting. That’s it! The software instantly notifies both the host and invitee via Email/SMS. 

The Email features all the relevant details such as date and time of the meeting, invitee information, and hosts name. The software lets you schedule as many meetings as possible and the administrator can view every meeting via an admin dashboard. All the details are stored in the cloud and when the visitor arrives at the facility on the date of the meeting, all the details are pre-filled and facilitates faster visitor check-ins.

Expense Automation Comes in Handy For the Sales Team

For every company, it is quite difficult to keep track of expenses whenever your employees/staff travel. It is even more difficult if the company has a large number of employees. The employees and the staff often invest hours to track receipts, creating and exporting expense reports, getting the approval of expense reports and so on. In a way, the manual expense tracking does consume a lot of time. The expense automation software offers insights into the company’s spending habits and also saves valuable time.


Productivity plays a key role and is important for the growth and sustenance of the business. Adoption of automation serves to simplify the manual tasks and saves valuable time. Thus the businesses can make use of automated tools like visitor management software,  Scheduling automation software and Expense automation software helps employees ease critical activities of the business and saves valuable time.

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