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How Visitor Management Software Can Help You Manage Coronavirus (COVID-19) Safety at Your Business

The Coronavirus has brought the world to a grinding halt, while most businesses struggle to stay open safely during this pandemic, a very small portion of them is thinking about the future. A future where businesses will need to start up and a solution to keep employees safe from the virus will be needed. This may seem like a frivolous expense but it may be the only thing between you needing to shut your business down and a flourishing business.

Risk of Being Infected by Visitors

Businesses are high traffic areas where people usually come and go as they please often unchecked but in today’s world that is not a risk, you should be willing to take. The easiest way to make sure that your employees never come in contact with anyone exposed to COVID-19 is by creating a customized check-in process, making sure that the visitor is healthy through a plethora of questions and checking their complete paperwork. This may prove to be a tedious and labor-intensive task and that is why a visitor management software would become a necessity. 

Need of a Visitor Management System

Businesses can install a visitor management system so that incoming visitors may be checked thoroughly before being granted entry into your office buildings. A task that would otherwise be extremely labor-intensive gets streamlined and automated through the use of a visitor management system, ensuring that individuals entering your office buildings are not infected and the health and safety of your employees are assured. 

Pre-Registration for A Faster Check-In Process

Checking each and every individual that enters your business premises for COVID-19 may take forever considering the high traffic. Which is why pre-registration, providing the host with all necessary information such as travel history, visits to high-risk locations, current health can all be sent through email or SMS. This would speed up the visitor check-in processes greatly and allow businesses to maintain a record of all the visitors.

Easy Check-In for Recurring Visitors 

 A visitor management system will allow businesses to create badges that contain the visitor’s credentials. The use of these badges along with uniquely assigned QR codes will help speed up the check-in process and even by-pass it completely on future visits. Visitor Management Systems automate these processes through the use of facial recognition tools to capture images of every visitor that enters your business.

Other Precautionary Measures 

Other things a business owner can do to reduce the risk of coronavirus is the implementation of a thorough questionnaire that can be used to judge the health condition of the visitor as well as inform them of ways to prevent the spread of the virus. The questions may include things such as, “Have you been in contact with anyone that has Coronavirus knowingly in the past 7 days?”, “Are you currently displaying any symptoms of COVID-19?”. Discouraging handshakes, or Encouraging the use of hand sanitizers and other preventative measures can be displayed through videos. A Visitor Management System can aid businesses in all these tasks.

Automatic Alerts for Incoming Visitors

Old-fashioned paper-based registration would make it impossible to notify the host that a visitor has arrived. This happens automatically with the use of a visitor management system as it instantly notifies the host through email or SMS about visitors helping the employees prepare for the visitor. The notification system keeps employees at ease, alerting them of every new visitor. 

Reducing Fear of Coronavirus

The main reason behind the use of a visitor management system is to ensure the safety of your employees and remove the fear of the virus. The use of badges for visitors helps the employees be sure that the person has gone through the check-in process and has been screened for the virus. Even though this is not a medical test, it reduces the risk of virus transmission greatly. The visitor management system also helps the security team keep the business building secure by automating certain processes and reducing human contact. All of these will help reduce anxiety about the virus and keep businesses running even through the pandemic.

About piLOBI

piLobi is a powerful visitor management system that automated check-in processes through the use of badges and QR codes, speeding up the registration, and easing check-in for recurring visitors. It is a highly advanced system that helps security teams provide entry only to cleared visitors while reducing the need for human contact without compromising security.

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