Identity Verification Using Facial Recognition Takes Security to the Next Level

Does your company use a visitor management system to put in place an effective identity verification procedure? Are you able to know who is on your premises at any given time apart from regular employees? Further, are you able to balance security with privacy? A good visitor management software solution can help you to streamline the visitor management process in your facility and prevent unauthorized people from entering the campus and building.

ID Matching Feature

Leading visitor management software solutions are using facial recognition technology to create an ID matching functionality. This capability enables you to automate identity verification by utilizing your guest’s government ID. A quality visitor management system accommodates thousands of official IDs issued in all the US states as well as other nations.
The ID matching tool leverages facial recognition technology to compare the photo on the visitor ID with the image snapped using a tablet and generates a similarity score. However, this score is not displayed to contractors or guests. In this way, the software discreetly improves security while paying heed to visitors’ privacy and their sensitivities.

How ID Matching Works

First, your guest should scan their photo ID and take a selfie.

If the visitor management solution shows a green matching score, everything is alright and the guest is granted access.

However, if the score is displayed in orange, then the visitor should be scrutinized further to ensure their identity is authentic. Your security staff should take over and perform the next steps in your safety protocol.

This process is accurate and fast, and also benefits your bottom line as you can reduce the number of employees needed to attend your security checkpoints. Further, automation of identity verification and digital reception frees your security staff to concentrate on physical security and handling escalations.

Data Privacy is Assured

It is important for enterprises to pay heed to GDPR and data privacy. Visitor management solutions understand this and have made the ID matching feature GDPR-compliant as it only stores the visitor’s name and photo. Further, this information is parsed using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). No other details are stored.

Added Compliance and Security Benefits

The ID matching function enables your firm to reduce risk, improve security, and comply with trade partnership agreements like AEO (Europe), PIP (Canada), and C-TPAT (US). Another advantage is it shields you in the case of insurance-associated incidents where your company may need to show evidence of employing rigorous security measures and practices.

Other Practical Applications of Facial Recognition

Airport Security

Airports across the US are using facial recognition tools to monitor travelers and visitors. The US government is utilizing this technology to detect visa rule flouters and those being investigated for a crime. Impostors trying to infiltrate into the US have been caught leveraging facial recognition.

In Mobile Phones

Mobile phone manufacturers like Apple are using facial recognition as a security measure to enable only genuine users to unlock and gain access to the device.

Colleges and Schools

Facial recognition systems are being used in schools and colleges to take student roll. This helps the institutions to prevent instances of students cutting class and fraudulent activities like another person taking a test on behalf of a student.

Social Networks

Facebook utilizes an algorithm to identify faces when a picture is uploaded on its site. If you agree to tag the persons in your pictures, the site links you to their profiles. In fact, Facebook claims they are able to maintain a 98% accuracy rate in recognizing faces.


Churches leverage facial recognition to know which members are attending a particular event. This enables them to identify regular and non-regular attendees, and also to customize requests for donation.

Stores and Retailers

Retailers and stores are combining facial recognition with surveillance cameras to scan shoppers’ faces with the objective of identifying potential shoplifters and suspicious characters.

Advertisers and Marketers

Marketers segment their prospects and customers based on factors like age, ethnicity, gender, and others when launching their product campaigns. They are using facial recognition to pinpoint those audiences at events and concerts.

About piLOBI

piLOBI is a popular visitor management system that is leveraged by numerous top organizations to automate digital reception and visitor management. Our software is affordable and efficient, and delivers great value for money. Contact us today to learn how to deploy it on your premises to boost security and productivity.

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