How to Create a High-Tech Office with an Automated Front Desk System

The goal of most of the organizations in different industries is to streamline systems and ultimately improve the efficiency of the organization. Thus it is very important that your front desk is also running on the latest technology instead of being cluttered with logbooks and packages arriving for people and various other stuff. This is definitely not putting the best of your impressions in front of your visitors and clients. Thus, many companies are resorting to digital reception. Switching from manual to digital offers a lot of benefits for the organization. 

Let us find out how a visitor management system works and how it can be fruitful for your organization.

What is wrong with manual visitor management?

Before we look at the benefits of a visitor management software it is important to know what is wrong in using a manual system for tracking the visitors. Organizations that are using manual visitor logbooks for visitor management are increasing the work of their front desk staff as well as providing discomfort to their visitors. A paper logbook may seem like a simple and hassle-free solution, in today’s digital age it may be outdated as well as inefficient when it comes to handling growing organizations. It may also pose a security threat to data leakage. 

While using a paper logbook receptionists are wasting away their valuable time which can be used for doing something else in deciphering the handwriting of people and entering the data into the database. There is also an increased risk of security as the names of your guests and their contacts are in plain view and can be read by anyone and everyone who visits your office. 

If you want your visitors to perceive you as a modern and forward-thinking company asking your users to jot down their names in a logbook might not be quite convincing. A visitor management software can help you to solve all the above problems. 

Benefits of Visitor Management System

Now that we have seen what is wrong with a manual system, we should now focus on the benefits of digital reception. Here are the benefits of using an automated front desk system and how you can do that. 

Security and Employee Safety

A visitor management software provides extra protection which your organization needs by identifying visitors accurate and quickly. Security of facilities and also for the employees is a high priority for many organizations and using an automated front desk can easily solve this problem. 


Streamlining as well as automating visitor registration implies that processing the cost of each visitor will be reduced over a period of time. This can mean significant savings related to the costs of visitor management. There are also potential costs that are harder to measure and map. These include the costs which are associated with a breach of security. Using a visitor management system can totally eradicate this cost. 

Increase in Efficiency

When you think about how inefficient paper-based systems that we discussed earlier are only then you understand the importance of an automated visitor management system. This is a high-tech system that will reduce your manual efforts and also provide you the accurate data.  Visitor management software uses a state of the art cameras as well as scanners to screen your visitors. This also doesn’t take a lot of time, just a couple of seconds to register and provide the visitor’s badge to the visitors. The front desk staff will also save a lot of time as they can pre-register visitors and be notified when they arrive automatically. 

Visibility and Accountability

Modern visitor management software allows you to identify anyone who is in your building at any given time. In addition to this most of the systems will also give your staff the ability to detail as well as study a variety of visitor patterns. Thus the problem of visibility, as well as accountability, is taken care of by this automatic system. 

Best Visitor Management System

Well now that we have seen the benefits of an automated front desk and now if you are wondering how to do it for your organization, piLOBI is the right choice with you. They are experienced players in automating front desks in the industry.

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