5 Professional Ways for Facilities to Enhance Visitor Experience

It is very often seen that large facilities that have state of the art designing and infrastructure that support visitors with luxurious amenities often fall short of matching their hype in terms of the visitor experience. Even after the management’s best efforts to establish a foremost visitor management system, they often fail to get a 5-star rating from their visitor.

A visitor’s first impression of your facility starts the minute they walk in from the door. While there might not be many visible positives of delivering a positive visitor experience, the negatives of poor visitor management.

If you operate a facility and you realize it is really difficult for you to get the best visitor experience rating, then read on to know the 5 Professional Ways by Facilities like yours can enhance the visitor experience.

1. Streamlining the Check-in Process

Gone are the days of queuing up and waiting for checking in to a hotel or airport, this is the modern world and it needs a modern check-in solution. Individual kiosks with iPad having visitor management software connected to the central database can make life easier for clients as they can act like self-service check-in kiosks one can usually find at airports. On arrival, an email or text notification can be sent to the host and a visitor badge or Identity card can be printed which can later be used to sign out from the same kiosks. Thus eliminating the need for any staff to these tasks.

2. Use of Integrated Indoor Navigation Apps

Using the Indoor navigation application can come in very handy when looking to enhance the overall visitor experience of your facility. These Apps can combine numerous features and present a complete guide to your facility.

The features that could be included are Indoor navigation and wayfinding, Emergency management, instant notification and messaging, integrating a visitor experience software to instantly rate the facilities they don’t like, a guide to each section of the facility and why it is used.

For a high-performance facility that highly collaborative and synchronous in its working, an application is needed that goes beyond the basics. Visitors should be able to reach using any facility effortlessly using this app, this, in turn, will create a positive impact in terms of the visitor experience.

3. Automated Reception

A revolutionary technology that has the potential to increase visitor experience by manifolds is the automation of reception or digital reception. Digital reception can be the next big thing in the industry as it eliminated interaction with a person on the reception thus making interactions with the guests completely error-free and streamlined.

Not only this, moreover a digital reception can handle and manage the work of a receptionist more effectively as everything will be automated through software. You can double the work and duties and still, they’ll be done more effectively and quickly as compared to an actual employee.

Integrating a digital reception system with the management system of a facility can make the facility look like an automated machine that is run with utmost efficiency.

4. Pre-Visit Communication

The communication you do with your visitor before their visit to your office is equally important as giving them the best visitor experience through your visitor management. So why not just start building relations before they even enter the building?

Using an integrated visitor management system, all of your visitor’s information can be accessed easily and archived. This will allow your employees to stay up to date and send any relevant documents before the actual meeting so that they can be acted upon during the meeting, thus also increasing the productivity with the overall experience.

This way Pre-visit communications can go a long way in creating personal as well as business relationships.

5. Set Up Message Forwarding

Integrate Message Forwarding with your visitor Experience Software so that in case of a meeting if you are not available for the meeting and the primary contact of your client is not clicking, you can just message to his secondary contact and be assured that he gets the message.


Taking care of visitor experience in your office is a top priority in the professional world and piLOBI can help provide the needed services with its excellent visitor management system. piLOBI’s software integrates with your facility’s settings in a way that it represents the office culture and ensures the best visitor experience services.

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