Best Time-Saving SaaS Tools for Every Modern Workplace

Businesses need to optimise work processes to be more productive and work efficiently. They can achieve this by working smarter. Today there are a number of SaaS related tools that offer multiple options for businesses to simplify their operations. There is an overwhelming number of SaaS tools available these days and businesses find it difficult to pick the right one. Picking a right SaaS tool that is packed with features and functionalities is not an easy job! In this article, we have provided the best time-saving SaaS tools that are sure to enhance business productivity.

Visitor Management Software (VMS) :

In many businesses and offices, the front desk staff is responsible for greeting visitors. But if they happen to engage in other work, then the visitors start to accumulate. Now, with the introduction of the visitor management system, the process is completely automated. The visitor can fill the details on their own and complete the registration process. The system also sends instant notifications to the host via Email and SMS and alerts the host of the visitor arrival. It also allows printing of visitor badges and helps the employees with easy identification. The automated visitor management systems offer a professional check-in experience to the visitors and also enhance the security of the facility. A live dashboard, multi-location management, customisable reports, inbuilt analytics form the key features of the visitor management software.

Recruiting Software :

The process of recruiting/hiring is laborious, time-consuming and takes a toll on the employees. You need to go through a bunch of tasks that involve writing the job description, browsing hundreds of applications, shortlisting candidates and scheduling the appointment for interviews. After doing all this, if you happen to make the wrong choice, you have to start all over again.

To ease the process of hiring, there were a number of well designed Saas tools to solve the issue. They come in handy for businesses of all sizes and suitable for companies of all sizes. The tools take care of all the activities related to the hiring process such as sorting aspirants based on qualification, comparing and rating aspirants and so on. The tools also support employee referral system, wherein the employees can refer the job to friends.

Onboarding and Orientation Software :

HR professionals use a number of SaaS tools for their day to day activities that include time tracking, payroll, reporting, and so on. There are other tools that integrate features similar to recruiting and accounting software. The recruiting tools help ease the process of hiring by managing job descriptions and allow users to track their job application status. When it comes to accounting, the tools help in generating expense reports and other financial statements.

When a company hires new personnel, the employees need to dedicate a significant amount of time to train the newbies for company operations. But with the presence of SaaS tools that leverage web-learning techniques the orientation has become much easier. It not only saves time for the employees but also offers a wonderful experience to the hires. The tools employ video-based courses and also lets you track employee programs.

Business Travel Planning Software :

Managing travel planning for employees is not an easy task! Whether you take care of your travel itinerary or it is managed by someone else, does require the investment of a considerable amount of time. But with the introduction of apps and Saas software, the planning of travel itinerary has become much easier and saves a lot of time. Some apps like Tripit and Tripcase help create master trip itineraries that include lodging details, transportation details and so on. Other travel software such as Extensify and Trip actions let travellers book their journey for discounts. The travellers can claim gift cards or cash back on bookings and thereby save more on the travel. This type of programs offer travellers with the freedom to choose travel for the best price.

Cloud Monitoring Software :

The cloud monitoring software saves big time in case of any problems related to software tools and connections. An IT company uses multiple software tools and other third-party apps. But when an issue arises or something goes wrong, the programmers have to check all the tools, apps and connections to find the possible error. It is not only laborious, but it also consumes a lot of time. Cloud-monitoring software offers a solution to this problem by offering a quick dashboard that contains all the tools and connections. Hence, it is very easy to monitor the activity of all the software tools used by the company at a quick glance. Although, the software is a bit pricier, nevertheless, it does make a worthy investment.

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